ON Semiconductor LED Driver Design and Selection Guide

High-brightness LEDs are critical to the development of solid-state lighting and play an important role in lighting design, global energy efficiency, and product innovation. In the evolution of LEDs and energy-saving and control electronics, thermal management solutions, optical technology, etc., a holistic approach is needed. An example that we can witness every day that this successful transformation is starting to take place is the LED traffic light. This type of lamp is more reliable, less expensive to maintain, and more energy efficient, and is ubiquitous.

ON Semiconductor is committed to leveraging the advantages of low voltage and high voltage technology and expertise in power management solutions to address the challenges of solid state lighting to meet the needs of portable display products, automotive interior lighting or LED signal ballasts. . In the following sections, examples of various applications for solid-state lighting will be presented, covering a wide range of fields including construction, industrial, automotive and portable applications.

Jiamei Lighting: two manifestations of a brand
Shien Electric: Branding operations start from the product
Dongpu Lighting: Leading the Yangtze River Delta Commercial Lighting
SOK Lighting: Hunan Dazhang Fankai Promotion Conference
Disney Fairy Tale Lighting: Advance to International Exhibitions
SOK Lighting: Products hit the roots of Taiyuan
Yigao Lighting: Playing the song and blowing into the Chinese horn
Lighting on the product: the new vision kicks off in Hunan and Hubei
Exxon Lighting: Aluminum alloy brushed lamp market favored
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Sihua Road Electric: Shaanxi established logistics center


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