Returning to the hometown to create a "light" field (Figure)

There are 160,000 people working in Duchang County, and some of them have returned to their hometowns after they have worked hard. Yu Dongping is one of them.
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Yu Dongping, chairman of Jiujiang Kehua Lighting Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., after graduating from junior high school 20 years ago, he was a poor family member and later joined the ranks of wage earners. He worked in Wenzhou and Fuzhou. In June 2005, Yu Dongping, who had worked hard for many years, returned to his hometown of Duchang to start a business.

In the investment project, we chose the “green lighting” that is very optimistic for the conservation-oriented society. The so-called "green lighting" refers to the use of scientific lighting design, the use of high efficiency, long life, safety and stable performance of lighting electrical products, not only to ensure people's lighting needs, but also effectively reduce power consumption, thereby achieving energy saving and environmental protection purposes . It is an energy conservation and environmental protection project supported by the state.
Yu Dongping developed the "Rong Xun" brand energy-saving lamps and inductor brackets by hiring experts to research and develop and purchase patented products. As a typical enterprise of environmental protection and energy conservation, its products have won “Quality, Service, Reputation AAA Products” and “China Famous Brands”. The "Green Lighting" series of lamps produced by the company has occupied some domestic markets and successfully entered the Netherlands, Belgium and other Western countries. In 2006, it was also designated as the United States General Electric GE procurement cooperation unit. Special attention:
? The chandelier became the protagonist of the lighting market in the first half of 2007
? Beautiful and shiny lighting design (Photo 2)
? Beautiful and shiny lighting design (Photo 1)
Cute cloth table lamp reminiscent of childlike infinite (Photos)
? Appreciation of fashion fun lamps (Photos)
? Classical elements in the life of traditional lamps (Photos)
? Post-decoration era: lamps popular Chinese style (Photos)

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