LED: Small industry needs to be linked to large market packaging applications

It is predicted that the global LED market will grow from 3.2 billion US dollars in 2004 to 5.6 billion US dollars in 2008. Among them, the output value of high-brightness LED market will increase from 1.6 billion US dollars to 2.64 billion US dollars, and the ultra-high brightness LED market will be from 2006. It will grow rapidly and will account for 22% of the global market in 2008. The ever-expanding application market and continuous innovation of technology have provided a good development environment for China's LED industry.

High energy efficiency is the key to rapid development

The most critical reason for LEDs to have such a broad business prospect is undeniably the unique feature of LEDs that are highly energy efficient. As the third-generation semiconductor lighting material, LED has 100 times longer life than ordinary incandescent lamps, consumes much less energy than incandescent lamps, and has lower replacement cost. It has small size, safety, pollution-free, maintenance-free, and fast response. And other subsidiary advantages.

For this reason, the application of LEDs has also expanded from the original display, mobile phone and LCD background light source to more profitable applications, such as general lighting, theater lighting, car headlights, brake lights and traffic lights. .

In May this year, many scholars and entrepreneurs made good suggestions on this in the "2007 New Light Sources and New Energy Forum" jointly sponsored by the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance and the Yangzhou Municipal Government in Yangzhou. Jiang Minghua, a professor at Shandong University and a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, made an appeal, hoping that LED should enter the field of streetlights as soon as possible, and vividly compares "solar and semiconductor lighting is a pair of green couples". To accelerate the solution of existing problems, we must do the development of solar street lamps. Work hard.

According to some data, the luminous point of the facade of the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower was originally a traditional light source. The power of a luminous point is 200 watts, and the brightness of the traditional light source will gradually weaken. So since the beginning of 2005, the TV tower has replaced the original light source with LED. Compared with the original light source, the front light-emitting area of ​​the LED is increased by 5 times, and the luminous efficiency is also increased by 5 times. However, the power of one light-emitting point is only 50 watts, and the power of nearly 160,000 degrees can be saved in one year.

For the energy saving and environmental protection characteristics of LED, Guo Yuguo, president of Jiangsu Wenrun Photoelectric Co., Ltd. has a unique understanding. He believes that at present, we are in an era where people have the pursuit, ideas and ability to improve their quality of life. They are also an era in which the environment and the resources are generally felt to be under pressure. This is very big in many cases. A pair of contradictions, and the development of LED technology and industry can bring people hope: we can achieve our goal of pursuing a higher quality of life without increasing pressure on the environment or even reducing stress. "Maybe, the biggest development opportunity for the LED packaging industry and the entire LED industry is coming from this." Guo Yuguo believes.

We can already not only imagine, but also have a life at your fingertips: in the city after sunset, we can enjoy the chic charm of the shining of the Chinese lanterns and the change of color without the need to worry about wasting energy or even With a sense of guilt, when we return home, we can freely choose color or brightness without psychological burden according to our own mood or needs. In this sense, we have stepped into the threshold of the semiconductor lighting era with one foot.

Ding Chenglong, deputy general manager of Beijing Changdian Zhiyuan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. said that for China's energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development, we must vigorously promote the LED industry and semiconductor lighting, and vigorously promote the company's strict product reliability and longevity. Its application contributes to the sustainable development of all mankind.

Pay attention to constraining the outstanding development of LED

In 2006, it was a year of rapid improvement in the electro-optical conversion efficiency of LED blue and blue lasers abroad. The white light source made of blue light-excited phosphors was from 48 lm/W at the beginning of the year to 90 lm/W-100 lm/W at the end of the year. Far beyond this level, Blu-ray laser DVDs have been seen at high prices.

With the increase of “lumen/watt” and the decline of “price/watt”, the application field will be from high-end markets such as car exterior lights – brake lights, turn signals, small lights, low beam lights, front and rear fog lights, interior lighting And car dashboard lighting and large-screen display, highway, railway signal display, to the low-end market such as traffic signal display, street lights, miner's lamp, garden lights, lawn lights, projection lights, decorative lights, indoor lighting and so on.
The ever-expanding application market and continuous innovation of technology have provided a good development environment for China's LED industry. Based on the development status of semiconductor lighting, China has formulated a semiconductor lighting industry development plan and technology development route in line with its own development, and has given strong support to the development of the LED industry, providing a good platform for the development of the LED industry. The LED packaging industry has relatively low capital and technical requirements, and will be better developed in this good environment. However, most of the equipment in China's LED packaging industry relies on imports. The scale of enterprises is small, the investment in packaging technology is insufficient, and the overall level of technology is not high, which seriously restricts the development of the industry. In this regard, Jiang Guozhong, vice president of Jiangxi Lianchuang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. suggested that we must grasp the development opportunities, must increase the research and development and industrialization of packaging equipment, conduct in-depth research on packaging technology, and adhere to independent innovation.

At present, there are many problems that restrict the development of LED packaging enterprises, such as scale problems and independent intellectual property rights. In addition, the all-round communication between packaging companies and traditional lighting and application companies cannot be ignored. This includes unified understanding, standardization, design, technology, and standards. Chairman of Xiamen Hualian Electronics Co., Ltd., Chairman of the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance, and Chairman of the Optoelectronics Branch of China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association Fan Yuxi stressed in an interview with China Electronics News that facing LED technology The situation of accelerating progress, mutual understanding and communication between the packaging and application industries has become an urgent issue. This is necessary for China's LED lighting products to truly enter traditional lighting and develop healthily and take less detours.

Communication applications and device supply are important

At present, China's LED packaging industry and downstream applications are not out of touch, the views of the industry are different. Fan Yuxi believes that the LED manufacturing industry only refers to the manufacturer of LED lamps from the traditional concept. From a historical perspective, little is known about the lighting market application and technical requirements; and traditional lighting companies are accustomed to choosing Traditional light sources meet the requirements of lighting fixtures, but the performance characteristics of LED products are not well understood. This is a historical fact.

Guo Yuguo believes that this problem is universal. Although the LED industry has developed rapidly in recent years, it is essentially a small industry. There are no special majors in China's colleges and universities so far. Some universities and research institutes are based on the tutors at the graduate level. The research direction has related research contents, and most of them are attached to optical or semiconductor compounds. As a result, application companies often have few people specializing in LEDs, usually only in accordance with the technical indicators and conditions of use provided by LED manufacturers. In the original instruction and display application field, LED companies have decades of technology and market foundations. Relatively, application-oriented technical analysis and research are relatively complete, and some applications have been rapidly expanded in recent years because of rapid changes. There are some reasons for less experience accumulation, and there is a lack of application-oriented technology research. Often, regardless of the specific use of downstream enterprises, only the most reasonable conditions of use are recommended based on their own understanding.

Peng Wanhua, secretary-general of the Optoelectronics Branch of China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association, believes that LED packaging products and application products are closely integrated, not out of touch, but in practice there are also some new application product development companies and landscape lighting design and installation enterprises. The lack of understanding of LED performance has brought some negative effects to LED application development.

Guan Jizhen, general manager of Beijing Sitong Intelligent Transportation System Integration Co., Ltd. and vice chairman of LED Display Application Branch of China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association, also said that some application companies do not understand some technical indicators of LED, but they cannot explain the disconnect between upstream and downstream.

Objectively speaking, for products with certain technical level and high technical requirements for devices, such as LED display screens, application companies are very concerned about and understand the technical indicators of the devices; for landscape lighting and some common high-volume application products manufacturing. Manufacturers, relatively little understanding of the technical specifications of the device, this is normal.

At present, when LED companies provide devices, they must provide detailed product performance data and knowledge in the description. The application plant should also understand the device performance and rational use of LED devices as the premise for the development and production of application products. Exposure and settlement within the manufacturing company. Products that meet customer needs are also a consensus of LED companies. In this regard, Guo Yuguo believes that "the product that customers need" is definitely correct, including the subtext behind this sentence - I want to be low-end when the customer wants the low end. "But the low-end products are not necessarily related to the quality of sacrifice. For example, a villa of 10 million yuan may be needed, and it is also very willing to spend another 50,000 yuan to install a luxury door. The low-rent housing of 200,000 yuan does not need And even if 50% cheaper is not needed, then why do you want to recommend the door to others? But the 10 million yuan villa needs quality, 200,000 yuan of low-rent housing also needs quality, you can not because the people do not want that 50,000 Yuan’s door has slanted and cracked the door frame of others. The door is the standard of the house. The villa that buys 10 million yuan requires a door with a cost of 50,000 yuan. It is a legitimate request to buy 200,000 yuan. If the house has to be equipped with a door of 50,000 yuan, it is called unreasonable request. The application of LED devices is the same reason." Guo Yuguo said.

No matter what kind of problems LED development is facing, no matter how much application and device supply are needed, it is undeniable that we are now facing a good opportunity for the development of LED industry. In addition to LED packaging and applications, we should not relax the speed of epitaxial chip technology. Every advancement in technology will bring tremendous impetus to the development of packaging companies.


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