Texas Instruments high efficiency charge pump drives seven white LEDs

Topic: Technology Texas Instruments (TI) has announced the drowning of a frequency-charging pump DC/DC converter with dual-mode conversion for maximum conversion efficiency over the input voltage range. This 3 mm x 3 mm micro device features an I2C interface and is fully programmable for current applications such as cell phones, PDAs, and multi-display handheld devices.

TI's TPS60250 can drive the main display of up to five white LEDs and the secondary display of two white LEDs to adjust the constant current to maintain intensity consistency. The TPS60250 features an adaptive charge pump mode and an extremely low dropout regulator. The I2C provides four (15) lemons. The device provides completely independent operation in the secondary display LEDs.

For availability of this new product, the TPS60250 is available now in volume production and is available through TI and its worldwide network of distributors in a 3 mm x 3mm 16-pin QFN package.

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