Xiong Tao digital lighting Guo Jihong: not sacrificing quality for profit (Figure)

At present, the competition pace of the entire LED market has suddenly accelerated. Competition among enterprises is becoming more and more obvious. They compete with each other for quality, price, service and so on. As an LED company, Zhongshan Guzhen Xiongtao Digital Lighting Factory has a competitive and active sense of competition. Although it is not a big company, it is not inferior to every link in quality or sales. Everyone else is fully prepared in every aspect, and shows his unique style on the market runway.

The picture shows Guo Jihong, general manager of Xiongtao Digital Lighting Factory.

Xiong Tao's products do not make much more appearances than most LED manufacturers on the market, because they are mainly for engineering customers and advertisers. These customers can generally provide their own design solutions, so the quality and price requirements are higher than the production process. With these elements in mind, Xiong Tao will focus on building quality and minimizing production costs and transportation costs to meet the needs of the customer base at low to mid-range prices.

Although Xiong Tao is taking the middle and low price route, it will not reduce the quality requirements. “Our production philosophy is the price of medium and low grades and the quality of medium and high grades.” Guo Jihong, general manager of Xiong Tao, said. Many companies use low-cost, low-quality electronic components as lighting materials, shoddy and fake. However, Xiong Tao always adheres to the principle of quality first and refuses to sacrifice quality for profit. From the selection of raw materials to the improvement of the production process, to the combination of packaging, the staff of each link is dedicated, and the product pass rate of quality inspection through layer-by-layer quality inspection is as high as 99.9%.

"We can also expand profits without principle." Guo said, "But I believe that in addition to creating their own value, the most important thing is to assume social responsibility and create value for society. Although the country has not yet We have introduced relevant quality standards, but we always adhere to the self-determined quality bottom line and will never sacrifice long-term development for short-term benefits."

Xiong Tao does its best to promote the products. It adopts channel sales, advertising, exhibition display, network construction, market research and other means to attack the city. This kind of combat method has obvious effects, often through advertisements or exhibitions. Tao’s customers are visiting the ancient town for an inspection or negotiation. In order to attract more engineering and advertisers, Xiongtao participates in relevant advertising exhibitions every year, such as Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition, Guangzhou International Advertising Exhibition, etc., through the largest area of ​​the exhibition to reach the customer base, while expanding its popularity and showing its products to customers. The quality and lighting effects make people have a preliminary understanding of Xiong Tao. After the meeting, Xiong Tao had a dedicated sales manager to follow up the intended customers.

In the next six months, Xiongtao will increase production and promotion efforts, develop rapidly, and move toward greater and greater progress.


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