Pay attention to the fate of lighting companies in the capital market (Figure)

Different from other industries, the domestic lighting industry has only successfully listed three domestic companies, Foshan Lighting, Zhejiang Sunshine and Snowlight. In addition, Zhen Mingli successfully listed in Hong Kong last year, which also reflects the domestic lighting industry in the capital market. Immature.

Some people say that with the development of the economy and the emergence of new energy sources such as led, hid and solar energy, the lighting industry has gradually played an important role in China's economic arena, and its technological content and market capacity are constantly rising. However, compared with the international lighting giants, it is still too early for domestic lighting companies to “dance” on the lighting stage of the world. Therefore, domestic lighting companies with strength and development ambitions have tried to develop and develop their research capabilities and brand building, hoping to gain a place in the lighting industry. Recently, many domestic lighting companies have indicated that they are preparing for the listing. This includes not only the rapid rise of the NVC lighting industry, but also the steady growth of the market share of “Ford” and the announcement to the media. The listing of "Huayi Lighting", then what can the listing bring to lighting companies? How far is the representative company of some lighting industry from the listing? What are the companies that are strong but not listed? This issue of the Light Source Forum allows us to focus on the fate of lighting companies in the capital market.

Listed company perspective

Listed companies have both opportunities and challenges

Zhen Mingli Group China District ceo Liu Xudong

Enterprise listing is both an opportunity and a comprehensive test of the comprehensive strength of the company. The listing of the company is a milestone in the development of Zhenmingli Group. With the rapid growth of performance, since the listing in December 2006, the value of Zhenmingli has risen nearly three times in the past six months. The financing is concentrated on R&D and expansion. The construction of factories and ancillary facilities will lay a solid foundation for opening up a new space for profit growth and ensuring steady development.

Nothing can be denied, listing is also a double-edged sword, opportunities and challenges coexist. Its risk performance is the transparency of the financial statements after the listing. While enhancing the confidence of the shareholders, it also means to disclose more information to competitors, and to make their own quarterly work, income, and outlook and deployment for the next quarter. To be disclosed, this makes it easier for competitors to cope and increase competitive pressures. In addition, the situation of technological innovation and global market expansion is even more severe. These are all listed companies must actively face.

Financing is one of the important purposes of Zhen Mingli's listing, but the far-reaching significance is that the listing is only one link in the reform process of the Ming Mingli Group and even the entire Chinese lighting industry. It is an opportunity to become a truly internationally competitive lighting group. The most fundamental thing is to improve core competitiveness.

Prospective listed company

Do a good job in overseas listing

Wu Changjiang, President of Huizhou NVC Optoelectronics Technology Development Co., Ltd.

After a few years, my understanding of corporate listings has continued to deepen. In short, there are four major benefits to listing:

First, solve the funding problem. Second, equity and options. If the enterprise is to be big, it will feel that the management backbone has a certain share in the incentive. There are several levels of employee incentives. One is wage reward, then the welfare, and the other is equity. The equity belongs to the second distribution. Based on this consideration, the best way is to go public. Third, after the listing will improve management. When the enterprise reaches a certain level, the shareholders will force you to meet higher requirements, requiring the company to continue to increase profits and manage more standardized. It is not enough to have a profit, but it will grow. The introduction of Softbank by NVC is also more important to the improvement of qualifications, management and processes brought by NVC. Fourth, expand brand awareness. After the listing, people trust you, the loan is more convenient.

Everyone knows that the state is now strengthening the supervision of Chinese companies listed overseas. NVC should say that it is the first to receive the approval of the National No. 75 document after supervision. NVC is ready to go overseas and the conditions are ripe. However, there is a problem here. My opinion on listing is different from that of many companies. The main purpose of many companies to list is not difficult to see is financing. NVC also has to go public, and the purpose of listing is actually to push the company to internationalization and standardization. At this stage, NVC hopes to make the company better and bigger, and go directly to the overseas market, so once the market value may reach 70 billion to 8 billion, the risk of listing will be reduced.

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