Texas Instruments Introduces New High Efficiency Charge Pump

Texas Instruments has announced a high-efficiency constant-frequency charge pump dc/dc converter with dual-mode conversion for maximum conversion efficiency over the input voltage range. This 3 mm x 3 mm micro device features an i2c interface and is fully programmable, making it ideal for a wide range of applications including cell phones, pdas and multi-display handheld devices.
Ti's tps60250 can drive up to five white led main displays and two white led secondary displays to adjust the constant current to maintain intensity consistency. The tps60250 features an adaptive charge pump mode and an extremely low-dropout current regulator that achieves extremely high conversion efficiency over the input voltage range of a single-cell Li-Ion battery. The i2c provides four enable inputs to simplify switching control of the standalone display. To reduce the operating current when using a secondary display led, the device also provides completely independent operation in the secondary display led.

Main features:
Input voltage range from 3 v to 6 v;
1x and 1.5x charge pumps;
I2c supports fully programmable current;
64 dimming steps, up to 25 ma (primary and secondary display groups);
4 dimming steps up to 80 ma (dm5 for auxiliary applications);
The difference in the secondary led current matching under light load is no more than 2% (each 100 μa);
750 khz charge pump frequency;
Continuous 230 ma maximum output current;
For maximum efficiency, automatically switch between 1x and 1.5x modes;
Built-in soft start and current limit function;
Turn on the light detection;
16-pin 3 mm x 3 mm qfn package.

Price and availability

The tps60250 is available now in volume production and is available through ti and its worldwide network of distributors in a 3 mm x 3 mm 16-pin qfn package.

Lighting and display solutions

Ti offers the broadest portfolio of high performance products to meet current LED design requirements. ti's led products include power management such as ac/dc, power factor correction, dc/dc and linear power conversion; rf transceivers: dsp and super Low power mcu and so on. The ti product supports a wide range of applications, including the industry's ultra-small portable display and the largest lighting and display panels. In addition, ti's native support and application expertise can help designers accelerate time-to-market.

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