Rusal Holdings is preparing to sacrifice for national interests

After the merger of Rio Tinto and Alcan, it replaced the status of Rusal United and became the world's largest aluminum producer. Rusal's controlling shareholder Oleg Deripaska questioned the possibility of the company's initial public offering.

Alcan announced on Thursday that it will accept Rio Tinto's takeover offer, which means that RUSAL will soon bid farewell to the world's largest producer. On Friday, Oleg Deripaska said in an interview with the Financial Times that the initial public offering would be put on hold. The other holdings of Rusal, Bod Chairman Viktor Vekselberg and the Ural have always hoped that the company will immediately launch a public offering. Oleg Deripaska holds a 66% stake in RUSAL.

More specifically, Deripaska lacks interest in the initial public offering and says it is prepared to sacrifice for national interests. This statement is exactly the opposite of his partner's intention that Victor Vekselberg hopes to go public at the end of the year. Analysts said that the interests of the state are obviously very weighty. Even if Deripaska has the upper hand, the market situation will not be too far apart.

The internal news of RUSAL revealed that the initial public offering will be carried out within three years. Rusal has denied rumors about the company's re-privatization. RUSAL was established on March 27, 2007 and is valid until March 2010.


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