Shenzhen Bao Shili Lighting Ji Ning: The lighting industry is in the stage of integration

[Moderator]: First of all, thank you very much for accepting our interview with The first question I want to ask is what is the purpose of your participation in this exhibition?

[Ji Ning]: The main purpose of the exhibition is to show the brand of the company. This exhibition is called the green lighting exhibition. Now it is mainly based on energy saving and led exhibition. Therefore, the purpose of our participation is to promote our company's new products.

[Moderator]: What is the new product launched this time?

[Ji Ning]: The previous t5 energy-saving lamps, now our company's new product is to make commercial energy-saving lamps for household use. There are spiral, tubular energy-saving lamps, etc., because all the lighting is now based on engineering energy conservation, and now slowly moving towards household energy conservation, the future commercial and engineering lights will slowly combine, it is difficult Will separate.

[Moderator]: It is equivalent to your product line is longer, not only commercial lighting, but also more and more households.

[Ji Ning]: After the commercial integration, we will combine professional use and engineering use. We also want to lengthen the product line. Make the entire energy-saving series richer, because our ultimate goal is to promote our brand.

[Moderator]: I would like to ask what you think is the highlight of this exhibition.

[Ji Ning]: In fact, this exhibition still promotes some new products of current alumni, including led and green lighting new products.

This exhibition itself belongs to the industry, industry associations, lighting association new product launches, and other exhibitions are different. Other exhibitions are the exhibitions of products. This exhibition is a domestic exhibition through the industry and foreign customers to do an exchange, belonging to the promotion of industry products.

[Moderator]: I saw several positions in this exhibition, solid-state lighting and solar technology products. This is not the development direction of our new technology.

[Ji Ning]: This is the development direction of new technology. After that, Solar Energy belongs to nature. The first is energy conservation. The second is natural energy. It is a kind of utilization of natural energy. This development orientation is very correct. , including led, led1 watt can replace 40 watts. Led has a lot of technical parameters in the industry, but it will be more and more widely used.

[Moderator]: You just said that 1 watt can replace 40 watts, which is equivalent to a ratio of 1:40.

[Ji Ning]: Right.

[Moderator]: Do you mean led lighting technology?

[Ji Ning]: Yes, this product will be a development direction of light source in the future.

However, the energy-saving lamps currently used can only save between 40% and 60%. The light efficiency and technology of the 17173 lamp are very mature, so the industry, commercial and engineering are now used more.

[Moderator]: I would like to ask your company, including the positioning of the company, brand, product and the operating mode of the market?

[Ji Ning]: In fact, the earliest time of our company was based on a kind of matching. For example, we have made corresponding support for many large companies such as intermediate system and Midea. Now the industry is in an integrated stage, and the company is also Brand promotion is the mainstay. The industrial use lamps and commercial use lamps and engineering lights are slowly combined to promote the brand.

[Moderator]: It also means that your brand will slowly surface.

[Ji Ning]: We are currently advertising in many magazines. Our company is a British brand. There are many domestic promotion. Now it is equivalent to comprehensive integration in China.

[Moderator]: I asked a topic that is more concerned about, how your channel is established, and how the terminal market is promoted.

[Ji Ning]: The earliest traditional sales mode of the channel is to find the agent to achieve the terminal.

Now our company's model has changed. In the past, we used OEM-based oem manufacturers. Now we are mainly developing with agents. We are looking for some manufacturers with well-known brands go2map. Our real network channels are still established. The real distribution channels are the main ones. For example, we have eight agents in our country, which are divided into South China and East China. We are selling in the form of offices. Our offices are not profitable. We serve dealers and agents. Because the final competition is the competition of brands and services.

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