Latest LED lighting heat show

Japan's cutting-edge technology exhibition 2010 (Techno Frontier2010) will be held from July 21st to 23rd, with 30 years of research and development capabilities and production experience in Taiwan. This time, the theme of green environmental protection will be “small/thin The concepts of "quiet", "cold", "province" are integrated into Sunon's range of products, exhibiting the world's smallest/thin millimeter technology fan and blower fan, power-saving/high-volume green-powered fan, and forced cooling (cooling fan) The LED lamp cooling module exhibits excellent heat dissipation technology for home appliances, projectors, automotive electronics, communications and other applications.

Millimeter fan drives micro-small heat dissipation trend

Since 2000, Sunon has invested heavily in the development of innovative technology for precision micro-fans. In 2007, Sunon launched the world's smallest, thinnest and lowest power "MightyMini Fan & Blower" with the world's cutting-edge technology. Design and development successfully cut into the mini-projector, MID, air detector, smart phone and other portable small electronic products cooling solutions. The miniaturization and thinning innovation cooling technology won the silver medal of the invention award of the National Invention Creation Award in 2009 and the 18th "Taiwan Fine Silver Award".

LED lamp cooling module - forced cooling (cooling fan) design

Under the global energy-saving and carbon-reduction trend, the LED lighting industry has become one of the most promising green energy industries in the 21st century. Establish the LED module heat dissipation module, break through the bottleneck of the LED ball 9W, and use the forced cooling (cooling fan) to make the LED ball light reach 15W. The built-in LED lamp cooling module has three innovative designs: automatic dust removal design for fan two-way operation, patented barrier ring design to prevent hot air reflow, and high-quality quiet heat dissipation design. Through the sound quality research and psychoacoustic parameters, the human ear perception is simulated, and the rotation of the cooling fan is hardly felt. At the same time, it will display the LED cooling module designed by the new “One-module” concept, which will simplify the modularization of LED lamps. A cooling module can be applied to a variety of LED lamps to simplify the design process of the client. It is expected to release 7-15W of heat. 10-25W, 25-40W three models, and can be flexibly applied to LED bulbs, downlights, MR16 projection lamps, LED track lights and other LED application cooling solutions.

Power saving, high air volume, low vibration - Green Green Fan Super Green Fan

Super GreenFan Green Energy Fan has been widely recognized by international brands such as CISCO and DELL since its launch in 2009. Using the energy-saving characteristics of the three-phase inner rotor motor, with the best performance fan blade for increasing the flow path and concentrated air flow, and optimizing the closed motor structure, the power loss is reduced by nearly half, and the vibration amplitude generated by the fan is reduced by 38%, and the air volume is further reduced. Up to 10% increase, it can be widely used in network communication equipment such as servers, servo power supply, workstations, storage cabinets, etc., and extends to the heat dissipation requirements of industrial equipment, home appliances, OA products and other industries; the exhibition site will be 2 The 60x60x38mm fan runs back, allowing the customer to experience the high static pressure of the green fan.

The birth of DR MagLev new technology

Since 1999, Sunon has introduced maglev motor fans (MagLev MotorFan) for 10 years, with a cumulative global shipment of at least 600 million units. After more than years of verification, the DRMagLev (Dust-Resist MagLev) anti-blocking micro-dust maglev design was successfully launched at the end of 2009 to develop a maglev motor fan with natural dust barrier. It has excellent anti-leakage effect and excellent resistance to dust particles. The four advantages of higher reliability and longer life, the realization of the best products with better performance.

0.6L Food Choppers

Our Food Choppers have 0.6L, 1.2L and 1.8L three capacities.  0.6L food choppers are a mini size, which is very suitable for chopping vegetables and herbs.

Description for 0.6L Food Choppers

Power: 250W/300W/350W

with plastic bowl

1 speed easy to control

Safety lock protection

Anti-slip rubber feet


0.6L plastic bowl food choppers

0.6L Food Choppers

0.6L Food Choppers,0.6L Electric Food Chopper,Hand Blender With Chopper,Electric Veggie Dicer Chopper

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