Add active monitoring function to smart network cameras

Intelligent network surveillance cameras with active detection will become popular in the future. In the future, the network camera will combine system software parameter setting, image recognition, communication module and other technologies to realize the active detection function to improve the efficiency of business management or security monitoring and prevent past users from only using image data after a crisis. The needle in the haystack in the library missed the dilemma of crisis management opportunities.

Ray Mauristsson, Chief Executive Officer

Caption: Ray Mauristsson, CEO of An Xunshi, said that the active detection function of the network camera will enable the retail industry, which is very sensitive to costs, to save high management expenses and time, and greatly improve corporate security.

Ray Mauristsson, the chief executive of Axis, said that most analog cameras in the past only provided video recording functions, which only allowed users to trace the cocoon after the crisis. In addition, past analog surveillance network cameras have to rely on administrators to monitor multiple screens 24/7, which not only easily cause management loopholes, but also bring a huge labor cost burden to enterprises.

In view of this, surveillance cameras have been gradually digitized and began to introduce the function of active detection, through graphics processors (GPUs), image compression chips, image recognition technology and communication modules, to achieve real-time analysis, judgment and proactive warning Intelligent monitoring function.

Mauristsson pointed out that the ATM is used as an example to point out that the network camera can use the active detection function to identify whether the person ’s movement is suspicious, whether the number of people withdrawing at the same time is too large, or even whether it has an offensive weapon. If the identification pattern is in accordance with the crisis situation in the database parameter settings, the communication module will actively send a warning signal to the administrator, so that the administrator can control the situation on the spot and perform subsequent processing.

With the rise of the trend of intelligent surveillance, intelligent network surveillance cameras will be ubiquitous in the future. According to statistics from market survey agencies, digital network surveillance cameras are rapidly replacing traditional analog surveillance cameras; at present, the market share of digital network surveillance cameras and traditional analog surveillance cameras is comparable, but by 2014, the output value of the former will surpass the latter in one fell swoop and become surveillance. The main source of output value of the camera market.

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