Accelerate the popularization of VoLTE HD voice services for smooth transition of 5G network operators

In order to compete for users and make a smooth transition to 5G, China's three major operators have been accelerating the pace of 4G+ network construction, especially based on the VoLTE service (ie HD voice and video call) under the network, which has become the competition of operators at this stage. focus.

For smooth transition of 5G networks, operators are accelerating the popularization of VoLTE HD voice services

Recently, with the Poloar code selected for the 5G global standard code, the topic of 5G has once again received widespread attention in the industry. However, there is still a period of time away from 5G commercial use, so the three major operators tried to win users through the VoLTE service.

The reporter learned from China Mobile (microblogging) that starting from November, China Mobile will give users a free 200-minute VoLTE service. There are three conditions for using VoLTE: a mobile phone that supports VoLTE, a VoLTE function, and a coverage of a VoLTE network in the area. After the operator opens the VoLTE service, iPhone users also need to enable 4G in the settings - cellular data mobile network - Android phones are mostly selected in the settings or notification bar to select the VoLTE option.

At present, China Mobile's VoLTE has covered 28 provinces and 307 cities and regions. The number of terminals supporting VoLTE is mostly China Mobile's customized models. According to data from China Mobile, there are currently 738 terminals supporting VoLTE.

Beijing Mobile's 10086 customer service told reporters that if the experience user uses VoLTE service in the month, he will give away 200 minutes for free again before the 10th of next month. The number of minutes of calls made on a 2/3G network call is not included in the free range included in this experience package. In addition, after the free minutes of the experience in the experience package is used, the high-definition voice call will continue to be collected according to the tariff standard agreed upon under the original 2/3G network.

Compared with traditional 2G/3G calls, VoLTE-based calls have the advantages of short connection delay, good call quality, and concurrent access to the Internet, while video calls are more clear. In the subsequent high-definition voice test of the reporter, during the call process, it is possible to access the Internet at the same time. However, browsing the webpage is slow, and it is almost impossible to open the video, just like going back to the 3G era.

In addition, VoLTE-enabled mobile phones can still talk to ordinary 2G/3G mobile phones and fixed-line phones, but HD voice cannot be realized. When the VoLTE network goes to the non-VoLTE network environment, the SRVCC technology will automatically switch back to the normal voice call, and the user does not have to worry about disconnection. As for the VoLTE calls between operators, it is not currently possible. Currently, the iPhone only supports VoLTE HD voice and does not support HD video.

Among the three major operators, China Mobile is advancing faster in VoLTE. In the first half of this year, China Mobile launched a three-month VoLTE experience package event, which freely presented VoLTE HD voice (including high-definition video) to the domestic market for 500 minutes.

Sha Yuejia, vice president of China Mobile, said before that 4G+ is the key work of China Mobile in 2016. In terms of VoLTE terminals, 4G terminals are required to support VoLTE, and VoLTE is enabled by default. It should be noted that the VoLTE function is not enabled by default and the VoLTE service cannot be directly experienced. It is also required to apply for the opening of the China Mobile customer service, or the SMS activation code is “KTVOLTE” to 10086 (please refer to the local business office or 10086).

According to the plan announced by China Mobile in June this year, the number of VoLTE users will exceed 30 million by the end of this year. On the terminal side, advanced terminals will all support VoLTE, and most low-level terminals will support VoLTE.

China Unicom (Weibo) launched the VoLTE trial commercial in September this year. At present, users only need to apply by phone to open it. The actual experience is similar to that of China Mobile. The Internet speed is slow and the video cannot be opened during the call.

China Telecom (Weibo)'s VoLTE service has not yet been opened. It is reported that China Telecom has set a clear timetable for VoLTE commercialization. In 2016, the main task is to carry out large-scale network construction, testing joint debugging in chip, terminal, network, service, interconnection and IT, and commercialization in 2017. .

In terms of tariffs, the two companies that have already been opened, China Mobile adopts a free gift experience, and China Unicom charges for normal voice calls.

Industry analysts pointed out that in fact, operators' VoLTE services are similar to VoIP phones such as WeChat voice, FaceTIme, Skype, etc. The so-called high-definition voice is somewhat confusing in the market and users have no need, especially in the existing Voice and video calls that have become accustomed to on third-party social software are currently superior to operators in terms of experience and tariffs.

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