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Now, with the popularization and development of smart phones, many functions that could only be realized by computers in the past can already be realized through smart phones. This includes printers. Most of the printers are used in life. Few people use them as home because it is not only clumsy and space-consuming, but also not very beautiful. It is quite troublesome to replace ink or something. Technology always brings surprises. At this time, the "Zengji G2 Meng Pet Printer" came into being.

Out of the box

Packaging front

The G2's packaging is very delicate. The plastic film protects the packaging from dust and scratches. The color of the packaging is close to Tiffany blue, and the eyes are bright and eye-catching. The text above is relatively simple and low-key, and only the brand name and LOGO are printed.

The back of the package

The back is more grand, feature briefs, model specifications, two-dimensional code and other information layout neat and beautiful, but also a lot.

Inside the package

The box is a double-button design that ensures that the items do not fall out easily. The front is protected by a sponge pad, and the product and charger are protected by a bubble film. The interior of the box is designed to stay blank, which acts as a good buffer. It can be seen that the protective measures of the aircraft are very good.


The accessories consist of certificate, description of harmful substances, instructions, and charger. The charger is a one-piece design, and the cord and charging head cannot be separated. The power supply is 5V2A. The Micro-USB interface is used. The length of the cable is easily measured at about 1 meter 2.



The appearance of the wing machine subverts the appearance of the printer. It resembles an egg. Its bottom length is 89mm, its side width is 114mm, its height is 64mm, and its weight is 151g. Its sleek front face is eye-catching with Logo logos and arcs. The body is smart and full of personality, very small and cute.

Power button

The power button is just below and is given a lot of features. Short press to boot, double-click the button to print a diagnostic report, long press the button for 6 seconds to enter the wifi configuration. The power button also has lights, and the relevant information is indicated by lights. The orange light indicates important information (press key to recover); red light indicates overheating/out of paper; blue light indicates local mode; green light indicates normal operation; green light flashes to indicate that the network is printing/connecting.


There is a lovely little wing on both sides, so that the product appears to be smart and cute while there is a certain degree of non-slip effect.

Paper outlet

The paper exit is at the top and can be opened for paper change. The machine is a thermal printer that requires thermal paper for printing. The name may be unfamiliar, but if you tell you that the supermarket ticket is thermal paper, you should understand it. Thermal paper comes with a layer of “heat-sensitive paint” (thermochromic layer) on the material, and it will change color when exposed to heat to draw different patterns. Thermal paper also has a good number of times. Good thermal paper can be stored for a longer period of time. Poor thermal paper not only saves a short time, but it can also release toxic substances and damage health.

The wingman G2 comes with a roll of 57mm*50mm thermal paper. Compared with ordinary thermal paper on the market, the official paper does not contain bisphenol A, which is more healthy and environmentally friendly. The current official price is 30 yuan / 6 volumes, more expensive than the ordinary thermal paper, if necessary, you can buy thermal paper or thermal stickers in the official Taobao shop or Jingdong search.

Official certified thermal paper 30 yuan Taobao direct links Official certification stickers thermal paper 33 yuan Taobao direct links


The power interface of the G2 G2 was designed behind the MicroUSB interface. It is very regrettable that the machine does not have a built-in battery. When it is working, it must be connected to the power supply. If there is a need for external take-out, you can use the charging Po, computer USB port and other methods of power supply.


There are four non-slip feet at the bottom, which can fix the fuselage well. There is also a button. You can switch between cloud mode and local mode by sliding the keys.

Cloud mode: Recommended in the wifi environment to support remote printing.

Local mode: Use in no wifi environment.

The first time you use the downtime, you must use the cloud mode.

Software experience

Each column function

The crashed app can be searched for "Memobird" downloads at major app stores. After opening, you can see that there are 5 main columns.

Home: Scan (binding device), history print record (for easy reprinting in the future), add friends, friend notifications and other functions.

Subscription: Similar to the WeChat subscription number, you can subscribe to the content of interest and print it automatically every day.

Print: Customize Print Content

Discover: 咕咕 咕 咕 咕 咕 咕 咕 咕 咕 咕 咕 咕 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。.

My: related personal content management and downtime content settings.

å’•å’• tribe/å’•å’• circle

The tribe is a forum for user exchanges. It is easy to browse and the communication atmosphere is good, and the content is updated quickly.

咕咕 是 is a sharing platform that shares your printed content to the web for everyone to print. There is a lot of content that users can share. It's very interesting.

Then focus on the subscription section, the subscription section is the most interesting feature of the opportunity app, which has a lot of boutique account, can make your print content more interesting and rich.


As the most popular feature, the machine's custom printing function is very complete, not only can you customize the size of the text (the font can not be replaced) can also be published love, pictures, graffiti, and so on. In addition, picture printing also supports multiple effect switching.


Since thermal paper only supports black, the printed photos can only be black and white, so there are still many gaps compared with the original image. Text patterns can be clearly printed, but the images are a little bad.

to sum up

The wingman G2 has a small and portable appearance, and the fun printing function is very practical. However, due to thermal printing is not easy to keep, black and white resolution and professional printers still have gaps, destined to be just a new and interesting toys, but if used properly, it can be a good helper to learn all aspects of life. The author knew that when a user used it, he sent it to the elderly at home. When the old man encountered a problem, such as the router will not be set, he would draw the connection method of each interface to the old , Will often send some pictures of life, etc. to the elderly at home... When a new type of device becomes a bridge to communicate with family members, the cold equipment can make people feel warmer. I think this is the temperature brought about by the development of science and technology.

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Optical Cable Cross Connection Cabinet

Modular design of Optical Cable Cross Connection Cabinet(FDH,FOCC) provides the largest flexibility; satisfy the needs of the present and future development. The body using the stainless steel and surface using electrostatic spray so it has good corrosion resistance and anti-aging function, the wind protection class of the body achieves the IP66 level. The effect of defense dewing is excellent. The module tray can spin out of 90 degrees around the axis in the left front, and the bevel of the adapters within the module takes on 30 degrees. The clip-locked installation ensures the bending radius of the fiber directly and prevents the eyes from injury. Weld disk can spin out of 90 degrees, and then draw out, so it is convenient to construction, and also convenient to expansion and maintenance. Have doors in the front and back, have ample space for cabling, convenient to operation and maintenance. Have reliable device for fastness, peeling and grounding of the optical cables. Insulation resistance between high voltage protection earth and box20,000MΩ /500V (DC)

Communication Optical Cable Cross Connection Cabinet is interface equipment to contact trunk optical cable and wiring cable. It is compose of box, inside structure, optical fiber connector and some accessories. The function is to connect, store, dispatch and enlarge optical fiber. The material of box is cold-roll steel sheets, SMC fiber strengthen unsaturated polyester or stainless steel material. It has high resist destroy capacity, high strength, safety and stability. It has the device to bring optical cable, fix and protect. It has optical fiber termination device which could easy to splice, fix and maintain the optical cable fiber and optical cable fiber/optical fiber pigtail. At the same time, it has more space to store the surplus optical cable and fiber. Through the optical fiber connector, it could dispatch the fiber serial number of optical cable and change the transmission system route rapidly and expediently.

Cross Connection Cabinet, Optical Cable Cross Connection Cabinet, FDH, FOCC


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