Trakdot base station locator: no longer worry about loss of air luggage

Nowadays, people have begun to choose aircraft more and more as one of the main ways of travel, but when boarding the aircraft, people need to separate from their own luggage. With the increase of passenger luggage, airlines also lose customer luggage. happens sometimes. At this time, people generally have no other way to retrieve their luggage than waiting for the airline's notice. However, with the advent of an electronic locator invented by Trakdot, people may be able to know the location of their luggage in the future, and no longer have to worry about the luggage that may be lost.

Speaking of locators, many people will first think of GPS satellite positioning technology. However, this locator has a built-in GSM chip approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration and does not have GPS satellite positioning. It mainly uses the base station positioning technology, which can receive signals even indoors. Compared with the GPS function that cannot locate indoors, it is more practical and consumes less power. When the locator arrives at the airport, it will send the information of the nearby base station to Trakdot for processing, and then send the luggage location to the user via SMS, or the user can use the corresponding App to query.

At present, users need to spend $ 13 per year to enjoy Trakdot's positioning service, and the price of this locator is $ 50. The fees received by Trakdot are mainly used to maintain the company's operations and pay to the corresponding telecommunications operators.

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