6 lamps glimpse into the bright future

6 lamps glimpse into the bright future

Light+Building is one of the most influential international exhibitions in the industry. Once every two years, this year's event will be held from March 13 to March 18 for 6 days at the Frankfurt Messe exhibition center. The exhibition has entered the fifth day. Some people on the network concluded that the highlights of the exhibition were smart lighting, OLED, light applications, and lighting design. Design, select the most representative of the six models of lighting works, feel the future development trend of lighting systems.

1, Philips Hue personal intelligent lighting system Philips as a giant debut exhibition, will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention, this year's show, Hue White Ambiance atmosphere lights and DimTone technology LED lights debut, Hue White Ambiance atmosphere light is Philips Hue personal intelligent lighting system New products. Philips Hue combines a combination of low-energy LED lighting and technology, lighting fixtures, bridges and smart controls to revolutionize existing lighting.

In the evening, when you open the door to open the door, the lighting system will automatically light up, you can use the lights to wake the sleeper, set the ambient lighting can change the ambient light, APP has 16 million kinds of color controllable adjustment, in addition to the daily lighting experience, Hue can also According to the external environment, television, music, etc. into a different visual experience. Eric Rondolat, chief executive officer of Philips Lighting, stated that “We will use Philips' leading lighting technology in the Internet of Things to create more value for our customers and partners, and let the light exceed our expectations.”


OLEDs, known as organic light-emitting diodes, were discovered in the laboratory by Chinese-American professor Deng Qingyun. OLEDs have self-luminous characteristics. They use extremely thin organic material coatings and glass substrates. When current passes through them, these materials emit light. OLED flexibility and bending angle is also a must. Perhaps the best application of OLEDs is LG. LG's new OLED TVs make the most of this technology. At this exhibition, only OLEDs with a thickness of 1 mm are not only stunning in appearance but also free to suppress. bending. OLED will also become the development trend of future lighting.

3. CoeLux Sun Panel CoeLux? This sunlight panel that simulates the sun's rays has been in a magical image since its debut in 2014. It is also on display at the Frankfurt Lighting Fair. This lamp, developed by the CoeLux team of researchers from the University of Izuria, Italy, uses a transparent panel with titanium dioxide particles to turn LED lighting into “blue sky” and “sunlight”. It is also possible to adjust the light to different conditions according to your own preference, and to create a different state of the sun in the home. For example, tropical, Mediterranean, and northern Europe, light of different latitudes can be presented at home.

4. Ultron LED bulbs This new Ultron LED bulb is a collaboration between Samsung and WELLMAX. This bulb looks very chic and is no longer the smooth surface of our common ordinary LED light. With different light emitting surfaces, these light emitting surfaces combine like a petal-shaped spherical approximation body and can achieve full 360-degree light emission. Because the surface of the lamp is not a whole, the light that shines on it has a dreamlike feeling of light and shadow. The interior of the bulb adopts Samsung's LED chip technology and uses top-grade high-heat-resistant PC optical reflectors, which can be superior in light efficiency.

5. The UFO series of sharp design should be a highlight of the current Chinese legion of the Frankfurt Lighting Fair. Sharp's design is based on materials, concepts, trends, needs, and other perspectives. At the exhibition, Sharp Design brought UFO series lamps designed for the Hong Kong Ervan Group. This design adopts a narrative style, integrates the futuristic feeling of "UFO" and "fighter" into the lighting design, and adopts innovative "thermoelectric separation" technology. While breaking through the concept of appearance, performance has also improved dramatically.

6, ERCO Lucy

ERCO, a well-known lighting brand in Germany, brought a variety of new products to this exhibition. This digital lamp called Lucy is also one of its new products. This lamp has a white appearance, simple structure design, and the top three lamp holes are also cute. The lamp was originally designed to enhance innovative work through lighting. The lamp head, which is the vertical lever, can achieve 180° rotation. The three groups of embedded lenses can effectively control the glare and soften the emitted light. Eye effect. The on-line switch can adjust the brightness of the lamp to achieve a minimum 1% of stepless dimming.

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