Real Business + Internet, how to add

Real Business + Internet, how to add

With the rapid development of domestic e-commerce and the rise of internet business, the share of e-commerce in the retail market has gradually increased, and physical businesses are struggling under the impact of e-commerce. Internet sales are changing the pattern of the entire retail market, and traditional retailers represented by department stores are particularly affected.

Until the Third Session of the Twelfth National People's Congress, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to formulate an "Internet +" action plan to promote the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, etc. with modern manufacturing, and promote e-commerce, industrial Internet and The healthy development of Internet finance has guided Internet companies to expand their international markets. Such a "+" will usher in a new dawn for the entity business.

Although the rapid development of e-commerce has made physical businesses unprepared, the high customer loyalty and guaranteed shopping experience are still irreplaceable advantages of physical business. Standing on the “Internet Plus” outlet, how to circumvent the shortcomings and bottlenecks of the entity's business, so that the advantages will be highlighted, will be the key to the revival of the physical business. On the one hand, the traditional retail industry is gradually implementing the Internet plan, actively responding to market trends and weakening its own shortcomings. On the other hand, it is necessary to give full play to the advantages of physical business and strengthen the consumer experience that is difficult for e-commerce to provide. The most important thing is that this also coincides with the concept of "Internet Plus."

In the past Christmas season, the Vancom Business Alliance has organized over 20 theme shopping malls in more than 200 shopping malls across the country through the “Internet Plus” approach. From the effect point of view, to a certain extent, it has indeed verified that the transformation of physical business into the "Internet +" is the right choice.

The Feifan Open Platform launched on July 31 this year can provide cooperative shopping malls and merchants with full-service management services covering membership, points, marketing, transactions, and data. To put it plainly, with the help of the Internet, physical businesses can manage customer information more intelligently, provide customers with better services, and improve customer perception and shopping experience.

What exactly does "Internet +" play? In the end how to "+"? Different gameplay results will be different, so the selection mode is very important for the successful transformation of physical businesses to the Internet. Feifan's open platform owns Internet genes, knows more about the business operations of real entities, and uses internet thinking, technology, and resources to help cooperative malls and merchants quickly realize “Internet+”.

The transformation of the physical business is under way. As the mobile Internet gradually penetrates into traditional industries, the omni-channel strategy will become an inevitable choice for the future retail industry. Drainage through a combination of online and offline models is a common method of physical business transformation. Through the provision of diversified choices, differentiated services, multi-line interactions, etc. to better enhance consumer stickiness, the sustainable sales growth will be achieved.

It's not as good as playing with everyone. Many shopping centers are trying to establish their own O2O ecological model, trying to use a variety of ways to promote customers to download APP or pay attention to the WeChat public number, get preferential information, membership information, points and so on. But imagine that in the northern city of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shenzhen, the business district has formed a multi-distribution form, which means that in the customer's mobile phone there will be a number of shopping centers APP or WeChat concerned about a number of public numbers, each use is very tedious . From the customer's point of view, looking for shop-private information requires opening multiple APPs or WeChat public numbers, and switching repeatedly to switch between them is very difficult, so the unified portal becomes a pain point for users. From the perspective of merchants, member information is intricate, there is no accurate data for customer behavior analysis and member information management, allowing customers to actively browse business information becomes a difficult point, it is difficult to enhance the user's viscosity. Therefore, Baotuan is the king.

Feifan provides a unified user portal for physical businesses, and users have high viscosity. At present, nearly 400 shopping malls are stationed at Feifan's open platform. Customers only need to download the Feifan APP to be able to know all kinds of promotional and preferential information of the cooperative shopping center, enhance customer stickiness and facilitate management.

The service provided by the company to the shopping center is also rich. It not only upgrades the consumer scene to the Internet, but also perfects the operation of shopping centers and brand merchants. According to the hardware, Feifan will provide Wi-Fi, Beacon and other intelligent software and hardware solutions for the cooperative shopping center; from the consumer experience, it will provide services such as smart parking, finding a store, queuing, and movie shopping scenarios through the Airline APP; The center's operation and management said that Van Gogh can provide management tools and tools such as member platform, score platform, data service, and mobile payment.

In order for the physical business to transform the Internet, it must be expected to bring about fundamental changes with the aid of Internet tools to adapt to the new market structure created by e-commerce nowadays. Therefore, it expects more from Internet partners. Before Feifan's open platform model did not appear, physical businesses could only build O2O by themselves, or cooperate with an Internet company to build O2O. It turns out that these two models are more or less discounted in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, etc. Fundamentally make physical business a "Internet + entity" business entity.

After the emergence of an open platform represented by Feifan, the idea of ​​Internet transformation for physical business suddenly broadened. Imagine if physical business is driven by an open platform and seamlessly integrates with the Internet, plus its own consumer experience. Compared with e-commerce, there is a clear advantage. Once the transition is successful, the new business model will run smoothly, and the attractiveness of physical business to consumers will increase rapidly in the market. This is the most practical implementation of the “Internet+” strategy for physical business. The best way.

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