Analysis of lighting design of clothing store

Premium brand stores: relatively low basic illumination (300 lux), low color temperature (2500-3000K) and good color rendering (Ra > 90). Use a number of decorative spotlights to create dramatic effects to attract consumers' attention to the clothing and reflect the atmosphere of the store.
Clothing store lighting design
Ordinary fashion store: average illuminance (300-500 LUX), natural color temperature (3000-3500K) and good color rendering (Ra>90). Combine a lot of accent lighting to create a relaxed and dramatic atmosphere.
Popular stores: higher basic illumination (500-1000 LUX), neutral color temperature (4000K), better color rendering (Ra > 80), creating an intimate and casual atmosphere. Use fewer spotlights to highlight special items in specific areas of the store.
Different areas need to use different lighting effects
Window lighting: light and color are inseparable. Matching the appropriate ceiling and corner lights for the window can not only provide a certain lighting effect, but also make the original color of the window display a dramatic change, giving people a sense of freshness. . Window lighting is not only beautiful, but also meets the visual appeal of goods. The brightness in the window must be 2 to 4 times higher than that of the store, but should not use too much light, requiring soft colors and rich mood. At the same time, decorative lighting such as downlights and chandeliers can also be used.
Shelf display: Sweeping or slanting sweaters and shirts on the shelves allows your customers to see the goods at a glance, conveniently comparing texture, color, fabric, feel and workmanship. Light that shines directly on clothing should be brighter (>1000 LUX). Ceramic metal halide lamps (3000K) are recommended in high-end specialty stores, while halogen lamps or straight tube fluorescent lamps use low color temperatures (3000-3500K) in two other types of fashion stores. Better color rendering (Ra > 80) can guide your customers to make purchasing decisions.
Hanger display: Customers should be able to easily find the style of their favorite clothing, and try to feel the texture of the clothes. Lighting should be concentrated on the product (>750LUX), using a natural color temperature light source to match the color of the clothing (2750-3000K), good color rendering (Ra> 80-90). Types of high-end specialty stores and general stores should use some key lighting, and in the popular store, it is more effective to use embedded or hanging straight fluorescent lamps in the vicinity of the hangers.
Display area: It should be dramatic (light intensity comparison 30:1) to low drama (light intensity comparison 5:1) effect. Brighter light is easier to display the visibility of the displayed item. For example, models wearing evening gowns standing at the table are recommended to use high-color sodium or halogen lamps, while metal halide lamps are more suitable for illuminating beachwear. For less expensive stores, an energy-saving tube downlight can provide extra light in the display area.

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