NXP and Audi join forces to accelerate innovation in the field of automotive electronics

Shanghai, China, November 19, 2012-Audi AG and NXP Semiconductors (Nasdaq: NXPI) today announced at the 2012 Electronics Show that they have signed an agreement to establish an innovative strategic partnership. The partnership focuses on driving innovation speed and time-to-market in eight selected automotive electronics applications that cover NXP ’s automotive industry such as NXP ’s long-time industry-leading in-vehicle network and in-vehicle entertainment, as well as automotive Connected emerging technologies. These include vehicle-to-X communication, telematics, near field communication (NFC), and high-voltage control devices for electric vehicles.

Ricky Hudi, chief executive engineer of Audi Electric / Electronics, said: "This partnership is another milestone in our Progressive Semiconductor Project (PSCP), further strengthening the mutual trust that the two companies have built over the years. In addition, NXP provides automotive interconnection The strategy of the electronic interface is very sensible and also points out the direction for Audi's future plans. "

According to expert estimates, 90% of all innovations in automobiles are realized by electronic products, of which semiconductors play an important role. At the same time, continuously improving the connection between automobiles and the outside world requires related NFC, wireless reception, radar and telematics. Business and technical support. This collaboration between Audi and NXP confirms the importance of semiconductor technology in the introduction of connected technologies and other new functions in automobiles. By introducing these technologies, it focuses on improving driving safety and comfort, saving costs, and improving energy efficiency.

Kurt Sievers, general manager of NXP ’s automotive business, said: “It ’s a great honor to be Audi ’s innovative strategic partner in the premium car market. This is the industry ’s outstanding customer support, best quality solutions and continuous innovation (this is particularly important ) A strong proof of recognition. Our solid cooperation with Audi has consolidated NXP ’s focus on automotive interconnection technology in line with the industry ’s development direction. "

Audi and NXP announce the establishment of a strategic partnership for automotive innovation

The NXP-Audi partnership is part of Audi ’s Progressive Semiconductor Project (PSCP), a comprehensive semiconductor strategy aimed at enhancing the role and participation of semiconductor companies in German automaker processes. Its name is "Model of Innovation and Speed", signed in May 2012 by Audi's Ricky Hudi and NXP's Kurt Sievers.

About NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors NV (Nasdaq: NXPI) provides high-performance mixed signals and standard product solutions with its leading expertise in radio frequency, analog, power management, interface, security, and digital processing. These innovative products and solutions can be widely used in automotive, smart identification, wireless infrastructure, lighting, industrial, mobile, consumer and computing fields. The company has business execution agencies in more than 25 countries around the world. In 2011, the company's turnover reached 4.2 billion US dollars. For more information about NXP, please visit the company's official website for inquiries.

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