46-inch ultra-narrow LED backlight LCD splicing screen will be available soon

LED backlights have become the most attractive source of display manufacturers on the market by virtue of their long life, environmental protection, low carbon and energy saving. Therefore, LED backlights have been widely used from flat panel TVs to commercial displays. With the gradual maturity of LED backlight technology, many manufacturers have already introduced LED backlights into LCD splicing screens.

For example, Samsung introduced a 55-inch LCD splicing screen with LED backlights in early 2011. Sharp also introduced a 60-inch splicing unit with LED backlight in 2010, but these splicing units are relatively high-end, and the price is higher. So, there is still not a lot of applications on the market.

The LCD splicing unit with LED backlight not only makes the screen lighter and thinner, but also is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than the CCFL light source, and the brightness uniformity of the LED backlight, and the redness of the white light to the color is very To a large extent, it is better than CCFL light source, which can bring better color expression. So for users, they prefer the splicing products of LED backlights.

In view of this, the professional display equipment manufacturer An Lixin is about to launch a liquid crystal splicing screen with a 7.3mm 46-inch LED backlight. As we all know, the 46-inch LCD splicing screen is the most popular splicing unit on the market. Although its seam is slightly wider, it is Samsung's first ultra-narrow LCD splicing screen product, which is supported by high cost performance. The market is widely favored, and it is still the preferred LCD splicing product for many customers.

At this time, Ericsson launched a 46-inch LCD splicing screen with LED backlight, which not only makes Ericsson more competitive in its class, but also allows users to enjoy the benefits of LED backlights at a lower price. . At the same time, LED backlights have also played a positive role in the development of LCD splicing walls.

The most comprehensive introduction of LED PCB

We are a professional LED PCB manufacturer and assembler in China, In this article, we would like to introduce in detail what is LED PCB, the materials used in manufacturing and LED circuit boards manufacturing, the application of LED Printed Circuit Boards and so on.

In China, there are many PCB manufacturers and suppliers. Jinghongyi PCB is one of the LED PCB Board manufacturers. We only provide LED PCB fabrication services. LED PCB design is not our specialty and business scope.

LED PCB Board Introduction

LED PCB has many other names, such as LED PCB board, LED circuit, LED Circuit Board, led printed circuit boards, PCB board for LED.

In a sense, LED PCB and Aluminum PCB belong to the same kind of PCB products, because their uses and materials are mostly the same.

With the popularization and widespread use of industrial lighting and civil lighting, whether outdoor or indoor, family or commercial buildings and factories, lighting provides the guarantee of its normal operation.

Of course, nowadays, with the development of human society, environmental pollution has become a difficult problem in the world. In order to reduce the consumption of coal, such as coal used for power generation in thermal power plants, coal combustion pollutes the atmosphere very seriously. In order to save energy and protect the environment, LED lights and previous lighting methods have great advantages, except for energy. Besides providing brighter lights, it also contributes to environmental protection.

LED PCB Meaning

LED circuit board is a kind of Printed Circuit Board


LED PCB Board manufactureing

Both LED aluminium PCB and FR-4 fiberglass circuit board belong to PCB. To say differently, only compare LED aluminium substrate with FR-4 fiberglass circuit board.

LED aluminium substrate is printed on the surface of aluminium material with better thermal conductivity, and then weld electronic components on it.

In electronics, an LED circuit or LED driver is an electrical circuit used to power a light-emitting diode (LED). The circuit must provide sufficient current to light the LED at the required brightness, but must limit the current to prevent damaging the LED. 

Kinds of LED PCB Circuit Board

The voltage drop across an LED is approximately constant over a wide range of operating current; therefore, a small increase in applied voltage greatly increases the current. 

Very simple circuits are used for low-power indicator LEDs. More complex, current source circuits are required when driving high-power LEDs for illumination to achieve correct current regulation.

An LED PCB board tends to generate a high volume of heat, making it difficult to cool via traditional means.

LED PCB Board Material - LED PCB raw material, LED bulb PCB raw material, LED strip PCB material

Metal core PCBs are often chosen for LED applications because they have enhanced heat dissipation capabilities. In particular, aluminium is usually used to make circuit boards for LED lamps. Aluminum substrates usually consist of thin layers of thermal conductive dielectrics that can be transported and have much more efficient heat dissipation than conventional rigid PCBs.

Compared with other electronic components, LED generates more heat, which requires PCB to heat very well. For this special feature, Metal Core PCB is often used in LED circuit boards, especially Aluminum Core PCB .

LED Lighting PCB Assembly

Seeking LED PCB and Assembly? LED PCB Manufacturing and assembly; Led board made based on your PCB files. Turn-key services; 100% inspection.



Applications of LED PCB

PCB LED lights can be incorporated into numerous lighting applications due to their combination of excellent energy efficiency, low cost and maximum design flexibility. 

  • Automotive headlights
  • Airport runway landing lights
  • Lighting used in military field
  • Street lighting
  • Highway tunnel lighting
  • Photovoltaic (solar) lighting
  • Flashlights and lanterns
  • Traffic and signal lighting
  • Lighting in hospital operating rooms
  • High growth plant lighting
  • Highway tunnel lighting
  • Solar power products


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