Xicato Japan will launch LED module with a luminous flux of 3000lm in September

[High-tech LED News] Xicato Japan, a Japanese manufacturer of LED module manufacturers for lighting, has introduced a new product of the rectangular LED module "XLM Series" with a luminous flux of 3000 lm. Will be available in mid-September 2011. Previously, the largest luminous flux in the XLM series was 2,200 lm.

The new product has the same external dimensions as the other XLM series, only 83.95mm x 45mm and 18.6mm thick. According to Xicato Japan, the new product increases luminous flux by adjusting the light extraction structure set in the module and using LED chips with higher luminous efficiency. This series is used for lighting fixtures (wall washers) that illuminate walls such as indirect lighting.

In addition, the product is equipped with an optical component (silver part) and a heat sink (black part with a heat-dissipating structure). Optical components and heat-dissipating components are demonstration items that customers can design according to their own use. In addition, Xicato has also prepared a round LED module "XSM Series" for products such as spotlights, which expands the product lineup and increases the variety of modules with the same dimensions and different luminous fluxes.

Xicato said that in the future, it will be scheduled to add a product with the same external dimensions but a change in luminous flux. Plans to increase the luminous flux to 4000 lm by the end of 2020. According to reports, the luminous flux can reach 10,000 lm in technology.

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