Hong Kong eliminates incandescent light bulbs, accepts high LED bulbs, grows long-term optimistic

[High-tech LED News] Recently, the Hong Kong Government has proposed not to use non-reflective tungsten light bulbs of 25 watts or more, including general lighting bulbs, candle-shaped, fancy rounds and other decorative bulbs. The acceptance is relatively high.

According to a lighting store owner in Hong Kong, the current sales of incandescent bulbs account for only 5% of the overall sales, sales have been very low, and the most sold source is the CFL power-saving bulb. The store said it is happy to sell LED bulbs, because the LED bulbs are much higher than the incandescent bulbs.

The High-Tech LED Research Institute (GLII) believes that with the increase in awareness of LED bulbs in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong government will promote the promotion of LED bulbs in the future as soon as the Hong Kong government introduces a subsidy policy.

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