Architectural interior lighting design tips

Lighting design for the lobby, foyer, and the Four Seasons Hall:

1. The light source should be designed with the main decorative lighting (decorative lighting, architectural lighting combined with decoration) combined with general functional lighting, should meet the needs of the function and reflect the decorative.

2, the overall lighting should be bright, the illumination should be even. The light source is mainly incandescent lamp and low-voltage tungsten halogen lamp. Lighting methods should use inconspicuous downlighting lighting fixtures (such as downlights, spotlights, etc.).

3, should set up dimming equipment, or use split control to control indoor lighting to adapt to changes in lighting (such as daytime and nighttime indoor illumination).

4. In the high space such as the lobby and the Four Seasons Hall, lighting such as wall lamps, floor lamps, and desk lamps can be installed to improve the lack of top lighting and enrich the space level.

5, the lighting of the service desk should be brighter, in the hall should be eye-catching, so the local illumination is higher than other places.

6, in order to avoid glare, the lighting method of the service desk allows customers to see the light source is appropriate.

7, the lighting of the stairs should be based on hidden type to avoid glare, but also have enough illumination. The light source can be placed under the armrest, under the step or at the corner of the wall to directly illuminate the stairs.

8, the corridor lighting should be brighter, the illumination should be between 75-150LX.

9, the corridors of the lamps should be arranged evenly, embedded installation is appropriate. The light source should be an incandescent lamp. If the floor height is large, wall lights can be used for illumination.

10. The lighting in the rest area of ​​the lobby should not be too prominent and should avoid glare. The light source can be placed on a countertop (such as a desk lamp) or a ground light.

11. The lighting of the logo should not be prominent. For the purpose of illuminating the logo only, spotlights, light boxes, etc. can be selected.

12. The lighting of the lobby, foyer or the Four Seasons Hall should be centrally controlled at the main service desk or the general control room. Emergency lighting should be provided on the main floors, stairs, entrances and exits, and traffic lanes.

Lighting design for multi-purpose halls, restaurants and entertainment venues:

1. The multi-purpose hall should be designed with a variety of lighting combinations, and dimming devices should be used to meet different functions and usage requirements. Lighting control should be operated in both the hall and the lighting control room.

2. There should be enough sockets in the multi-purpose hall.

3, bar, coffee shop, tea room and other lighting design, should use low illumination level and dimmable, table can be set on the table, candlelight, table lamp and other local low illumination. However, the illumination at the entrance and checkout counters should be high to meet the functional needs.

4. The illumination of indoor art decorations can be selected according to the following principles: 300LX when the reflection coefficient of the decorative material is greater than 80%; 300-750LX when the reflection coefficient is 50%-80%.

5. The illumination of the roof rotation hall should not be lower than 0.5LX when viewing the scene.

In-room lighting design In-room lighting design:

1. For the setting of room lamps, there should be less ceiling lamps and chandeliers, and various lamps for different purposes, such as bedside lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, night lights, etc., should be set according to the functional requirements. The light source is dominated by incandescent lamps.

2, the bedside lighting fixtures should have no glare and hand shadow when going to bed and reading, but also can be switched within the reach of the hand.

3, the bedside lighting fixtures should use dimming. Alternate lighting should be provided on the access to the room.

4, room lighting should prevent uncomfortable glare and light curtain reflection. The brightness of the lamps installed on the desk should not exceed 510 cd/m2, nor should it be lower than 170 cd/m2.

5, room mirrors and bathroom mirrors, the lamps should be installed in the field of view stereo angle 60 degrees, the brightness of the lamps should not be greater than 2100cd / square meters, bathroom lighting control should be located outside the bathroom door.

6, the entrance to the room should be equipped with a power switch other than the refrigerator, channel lights.

Dining environment lighting design:

1. In the lighting design of the catering environment, it is necessary to create a good atmosphere. The choice of light source and lamps is very wide, but it should be coordinated with the indoor environment style.

2, in order to make the color of meals and beverages realistic, so the color of the light source is better.

3. In the atmosphere of creating a comfortable dining environment, incandescent lamps are used more than fluorescent lamps.

4, the local lighting on the table, the recess and the seat, help create an intimate atmosphere, set the dimmer in the restaurant is the heart. The foreground lighting in the restaurant can be around 100LX, and the table lighting should be between 300-750LX.

5, under normal circumstances, low light temperature light source is easy to use. As the illuminance becomes higher, there is a tendency to white light. Lighting equipment with a high level of contrast will feel sultry if a low color temperature source is used. In a low contrast environment, if a high color temperature light source is used, there will be a dark and gloomy atmosphere. However, in order to clearly see the color of meals and beverages, a light source with a high color index should be used.

6, multi-functional ballroom, large variable space for banquets and other functions. Therefore, the illuminator selection should adopt two- or four-way continuous decorative lighting. The decorative style should be coordinated with the overall style of the room, and the illumination should reach 750LX. A dimmer can be installed to accommodate various functional requirements.

7. The flavor restaurant is to provide customers with local specialties, and the corresponding indoor environment should also have local characteristics. In the lighting design, the following methods can be used: using lamps with ethnic characteristics; using local materials for luminaire design; using local special lighting methods; lighting and architectural decoration to highlight the interior decoration.

8, special restaurants, mood restaurants, indoor environment is not limited by the characteristics of the dishes. Environmental design should consider giving people a feeling and atmosphere. Lighting can take a variety of forms for this purpose.

9, the lighting of the fast food restaurant can be varied, various lighting fixtures for architectural lighting, decorative lighting and advertising lighting can be used. However, we must consider coordination with the environment and customer psychology when designing. General fast food restaurant lighting should be in a simple and modern form.

10. The lighting intensity of the bar should be moderate. The working area and the display part behind the bar require high local illumination to attract people's attention and easy to operate (illuminance is 0-320LX). Illuminated around the ground, giving people a sense of stability, the indoor environment should be dark, so you can use

Power saving:

At present, China's photo power consumption has accounted for 7%-8% of total electricity consumption. According to China's "China Green Lighting Project", lighting and energy saving has become an important aspect of energy conservation. Power saving is to promote high-efficiency energy-saving lighting fixtures under the premise of ensuring illumination, improve energy utilization and reduce power consumption.

   1. Scientific selection of electric light source

The scientific selection of electric light source is the primary problem of lighting power saving. At present, the luminous efficiency, life and color rendering performance of domestically produced electric light sources are constantly improving, and energy-saving electric light sources are constantly emerging. The principle of electric light source illumination can be divided into two categories. One type is a thermal radiation electric source such as an incandescent lamp or a tungsten halogen lamp. The other type is a gas discharge light source such as a mercury lamp, a sodium lamp, a nitrogen lamp, a metal halide lamp, or the like. The luminous efficiency of various electric light sources is quite different, and the gas discharge light source is much higher than the thermal radiation electric source. Under normal circumstances, the gas discharge light source can be gradually replaced by the heat radiation electric light source, and the gas discharge light source with high luminous efficiency is selected as much as possible.

The high-pressure sodium lighting effect is 8-10 times that of incandescent lamps. It has long life, stable characteristics and high lumen maintenance. It is suitable for lighting in roads, squares, docks and indoor tall factories and warehouses where color rendering is not required. .

The metal halide lamp has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, good color rendering and high power, and is suitable for large-area lighting places such as theaters and assembly shops.

Fluorescent lamps are 70% more energy efficient than incandescent lamps and are suitable for indoor lighting in offices, dormitories and workshops with a ceiling height of less than 5 meters. Compact fluorescent lamps have 5% higher luminous efficiency than ordinary fluorescent lamps, and thin tube fluorescent lamps are 10% more energy efficient than ordinary fluorescent lamps. Therefore, compact and thin tube fluorescent lamps are high-efficiency energy-saving electric light sources introduced in today's "green lighting engineering" implementation.

Incandescent lamps can be used in the case of frequent opening and closing, small area, and low lighting requirements. Double-spiral filament incandescent lamps have a 10% increase in flux compared to single-silver filaments. Can be preferred as needed.

   2, reasonable choice of lighting

The main function of the luminaire is to properly distribute the luminous flux of the source, to meet the ambient and operational light distribution requirements, and to produce no glare and severe light curtain reflection. When selecting lamps, in addition to considering the ambient light distribution and limiting glare requirements, the efficiency of the lamps should also be considered, and high-efficiency lamps should be selected.

Among all kinds of lamps, fluorescent lamps are mainly used for indoor lighting, mercury lamps and sodium lamps are used for outdoor lighting, and they can also be used together for mixed lighting. In this way, the light effect is high, the power consumption is small, the light color is realistic, the coordination, and the visual comfort.

3. Reasonable choice of illumination and lighting

Choosing illuminance is an important issue in lighting design. The illuminance is too low, which will damage the staff's vision and affect product quality and production efficiency. Unreasonably high illumination will waste power. The choice of illumination must be adapted to the visual work performed. Factory lighting can be selected according to the national TJ31-79 "Industrial Enterprise Lighting Design Standards" to select the illuminance and necessary lighting quality, taking into account the overall efficiency of the lighting system.

Under the condition of meeting the standard illuminance, in order to save electricity, general lighting, local lighting and hybrid lighting should be properly selected. When one light source cannot meet the color rendering requirements, two or more light sources can be used for mixed lighting. This improves both light efficiency and color rendering.

In addition, the full use of natural light, the correct choice of natural lighting, can also improve the working environment, make people feel comfortable and conducive to health. Making full use of the reflectivity of the indoor light-receiving surface can also effectively improve the light utilization efficiency. For example, the reflection coefficient of the white wall surface can reach 70-80%, which can also play a role in power saving.

   4. Strengthen the management of lighting electricity

Strengthening lighting power management is an important aspect of lighting power saving. Lighting power-saving management is mainly based on energy-saving publicity and education and the establishment of lighting power-saving system. Let people develop the habit of turning off the lights at will; install electricity meters by households and implement metering charges; install electric power meters for collective dormitory and limit electricity consumption, which can effectively reduce the electricity consumption for lighting.

When the bulb is fouled, its luminous flux may drop below 50% of the normal luminous flux. When the bulb, lamp, glass, or wall is not clean, the reflectance and light transmittance are greatly reduced. In order to ensure the light-emitting effect of the bulb, the factory should regularly clean the bulbs, lamps and walls according to the lighting environment.

   5, other lighting power saving measures

The loss of the lighting line accounts for about 4% of the input power. The main factors affecting the loss of the lighting line are the power supply mode and the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire. Most lighting voltage is 220V, and the lighting system can be powered by single-phase two-wire, two-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire. Three-phase four-wire power supply is much less expensive than other power supply lines. Therefore, the lighting system should be powered by three-phase four-wire system whenever possible.

Lighting creates fun to create different personalities. Lighting can be used on the dining table or on the decoration, and only high lighting is required for cleaning work.

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