Research on fuel cell modeling

The model can be used to analyze the system's behavior under different operating conditions such as load current, reactant pressure, flow, temperature, and stack voltage through computer simulation at the design stage; a model that can describe the dynamic characteristics of the system is useful for understanding the dynamics of the system Behavior and model-based control systems are very useful for analysis and design.

Since the 1980s, many scholars have studied the PEMFC model. Although there are a large number of literatures on the modeling of fuel cells, few are suitable for transient performance analysis. Most of the literature focuses on fuel cell performance prediction to design battery elements and select battery operating points; some focus on electrochemical, thermodynamic and flow mechanisms. Most of these models are steady-state models, which provide useful information for the working principle of the fuel cell stack, and are suitable for component selection, calculation of fuel consumption, etc.

According to the dynamic behavior of the gas flowing through the anode and cathode channels, a dynamic model of the fuel cell system is proposed, but the effect of the electric double layer capacitance effect is ignored, and the model assumes that the pressure of the water vapor in the cathode is saturated, which is practical It is unrealistic in the system.

Based on the above research results on fuel cell modeling and the experimental results, we established a dynamic model of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell. The model considers the temperature of the system, the pressure and flow dynamics of reactants, and the electric double layer capacitance Effects and effects of humidity on system performance and system efficiency.

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