TSMC flip-chip LED analysis

After the module promotion did not see the future and the bright future, TSMC actively adjusted and introduced a TP1E made by flip chip. What kind of things can this product bring to us? What other characteristics are destined for its fate?

From the appearance, this is a product with a large flow, 1.6mm * 1.6mm size, the substrate is made of ceramic, the phosphor is directly coated. There is not much difference from the products circulating in the market. Let's take a look at the official introduction.

It can be seen from the official introduction that with a light angle of 150°, it can achieve higher light output in a smaller size, which is the application and characteristics given by TSMC. If you look at the application of the luminaire, the requirements of the high-power spotlights for the light source meet the above requirements. Smaller sizes are indeed more advantageous for optical design, but such large angles of light flux are more difficult to collect.

Fortunately get samples and see the actual test data:

The actual test ambient temperature is 25 ° C, and the official data is slightly lower. From the fluctuation of the voltage, this voltage has a very large influence on the solid crystal process as the voltage changes little with the increase of the current. What is the way to flip-chip this flip chip? Only know when you open it. First look at the detailed appearance:

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