"12th Five-Year Plan" non-fudge LED street lamps have dropped 30%

The 12th Five-Year Plan drafted by the National Development and Reform Commission this year will have a certain role in promoting the development of LED street lamps. In the 12th Five-Year Plan, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have introduced policies to accelerate industrial transformation and promote the development of green energy-saving industries. However, despite the favorable policies in the 12th Five-Year Plan, there are still non-standard operations and the phenomenon of “advantageously small profits”.

However, on the whole, with the improvement of LED light efficiency this year, LED street light market conditions will have improved, the price will be further reduced.

Is the 12th Five-Year Plan also a "thunder and raindrop"?

For the introduction of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, the entire LED industry has paid great attention, but there are also people in the industry questioned the 12th Five-Year Plan. Is the 12th Five-Year Plan a big thunder and a little rain?

The lack of standards has always been considered to be a hindrance to the development of LED streetlights. “The Ministry of Science and Technology should not grasp the standards. Industrialization standards for LED streetlights are the responsibility of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology or other industrial sectors. The Ministry of Science and Technology should do some new frontier technology research, but The Ministry of Science and Technology is involved in the work of the LED street lamp industry. For example, the Ministry of Science and Technology has made non-standard operating behaviors, according to an industry source.

According to this, Zhang Wansheng, a researcher at the 13th Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, told Gaogong LED reporter that “standards are divided into industry standards and national standards. National standards must first pass through industry standards. Industry standards must undergo a trial period and be mature after National standards: The industrialization of LED street lamps should be formulated by various industrial departments."

Not only the formulation of the standard, the promotion of LED street lamps has also been taken seriously by the 12th Five-Year Plan. Zhang Wansheng stated that according to an industry expert, the 2010 LED annual review organized by the relevant departments of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, experts were cautious about LED street lamps. . In this regard, Zhang Wansheng said, "The pattern of LED lighting promotion should be from indoor to outdoor, and the Ministry of Science and Technology will be LED lights as a highlight, focus on promotion, this is inappropriate."

“The national policy can benefit from subsidies for large companies, such as state-owned and large enterprises, and get orders. However, for high-energy-consuming enterprises, they require energy-saving transformation and require the elimination of outdated production capacity, which has an impact. For energy-saving subsidies, it must be specifically implemented in enterprises. 90% have nothing to do with this,” said Yang Guoqing, Shenzhen Ruijing Optoelectronics Market Manager.

The favorable policies of large enterprises have exerted pressure on small and medium-sized LED street lighting companies. “In the future, many LED street lamps markets will still be dominated by large companies, because large enterprises are more regulated and technologies are more mature. It is relatively difficult for small enterprises to compete with them. Doing landscape lighting, indoor lighting, lighting fixtures and other products will be relatively advantageous, because for them, switching to other lighting markets will be more flexible," said Professor Zhang Wansheng.

The price of LED street lamps has been reduced by about one-third. Future development of LED street lamps is bright, and the road is tortuous. The 12th Five-Year Plan currently prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Technology has a certain role in promoting the development of LED street lamps. "The current LED street lights are much better than those of previous years, and many are modularized for easy maintenance and replacement," said Zhang Wansheng.

At present, there are two major barriers in the market of LED street lamps. One is light efficiency, and the other is price. With the epitaxial chip technology, various aspects of the packaging process, power supply and other devices being upgraded, the efficacy of LED street lamps has been greatly improved.

"With the maturity of LED street lighting technology, the quality risk has been reduced. Many companies in the market have actively reduced their profits." Yang Guoqing said, "At present, LED street lamp manufacturers have begun to do indoor lighting. If there are orders, they will choose to do indoor lighting."

"According to the influence of Japan's earthquake and nuclear radiation, rising prices, inflation, and shortage of chips, LED street lamp market prices remain high in the first half of this year. In the second half of the year, LED street lamp prices will be gradually reduced, and market conditions will gradually improve. ", said Xu Liancheng, LED street lamp expert.

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