Beautiful MG720FF1-NS

Recommended models: beautiful MG720FF1-NS
Reference price: 549 yuan main features: multi-position fire control, easy to clean the interior of the MG720FF1-NS body with silver-based color, the front is very bright mirror design, the control part is a more traditional knob Design, the whole machine looks simple and clean.

The control part is distributed in the right part of the fuselage. It adopts a knob-type design and inherits the traditional operation mode. A total of 2 knobs are configured to control the heating mode and heating time, and the operation can be quickly started.

Midea's MG720FF1-NS did not design a turntable and deployed the common lightwave technology currently available in the market. In terms of function, the aircraft did not configure too many functions. It only made some additions to the basic functions, and its microwave power classification was fine. Five stalls are allocated to meet the daily cooking needs.

The inner leaf uses the lotus leaf effect, and the oil is also very easy to clean. It is easier to clean and maintain the microwave oven.

Editor Comments: Midea MG720FF1-NS positioning in the low-end models, the appearance is not eye-catching, there are some simple feeling, but in terms of function, the aircraft focuses on the enhancement of the basic functions, configure the 5-speed microwave fire control, More practical.

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