2010-2011 Water Heater Market Research Report

2010-2011 Water Heater Market Research Report Secretary Chen and President Zhang respectively mentioned that they participated in the annual water heater forum sponsored by “China Electronics News” for many times. This event is the youngest place for me. However, as a worker working in the home appliance industry for 16 years, it is also For four consecutive participants in the annual water heater industry forum, the “China Electronics News” held its annual water heater industry forum for four consecutive years, witnessing the growth and prosperity of the Chinese water heater industry, and will further promote and lead the Chinese water heater industry. Healthy and rapid development.

Here we share on the actual operation of the Chinese water heater industry from 2010 to 2011. This time, the report provided to everyone in the Yikang era is that all the growth of the category has been upgraded. From 08 to 2010, the market of the Chinese water heater industry What is the scale? The calculation and analysis of China's water heater industry by Yikang can be seen that the market size of the entire Chinese water heater industry reached 245 billion in 2008, and the total sales volume of the Chinese water heater industry reached 337 by 2010. A billion, has exceeded the 30 billion mark, the annual increase in the past three years, the annual growth rate of the entire water heater industry has been growing at a high rate of more than 10%, this is the past few years in the home appliances and white goods It is said that they have not reached the height and level.

From the water heater industry, the development situation in the past three years is worth a lot of joy. The environment of the industry is a very favorable situation.

Looking at the specific situation, from 2008 to 2010, gas water heaters and electric water heaters, their development process is what? I remember when I attended the 3rd Water Heater Industry Forum last year, I mentioned a concept that once a year's electric power is growing rapidly, the second year will surely be the rapid growth of gas, and the third year will be the high speed of electricity. Growth, electricity, and gas will be a growing trend, and in 2010, the data is clearly not fully realizing the trend of alternate high-speed growth. We have seen that in 09, electricity storage is lower than that of gas. The water-based growth rate is relatively close to electrothermal gas water, and the three-year call for water storage occupies a dominant position. In 2008, the market size of electric water storage-type water heaters reached 140 billion yuan.

The size of the entire industry's market, in 2010 in the water heater market, our main growth trend at home and abroad is like, first see the picture, the middle of a blue line, which is shown through this Kang's monitoring data shows that the growth rate of the water heater's main body is about 9.8%. Above this increase is equal to the average growth rate of each brand above the industry. Each sphere represents the representative of each sphere, and the sphere represents the right. The larger the market share of the brand's retail sales is, the more obvious it can be seen from this chart that Haier is the top leader in the high holding industry, and the year-on-year growth rate of retail sales has reached 7.6%, which means that it is close to the industry. The overall growth rate.

In addition, mainly foreign brands, Smith, Neng Lu and other industries are growth rates are much higher than the average growth rate of the industry, also saw the United States, and actively put into the water heater market, the main competitive brand, it's The growth rate is also far ahead in the industry. This is from the brand competition environment.

From the type of product, it has just been said that the product of the electric water storage type occupies the main structure of the entire water heater market, and the situation of future development is further seen through the monitoring data of China Yikang. The first type of electric storage is from Yikang's monitoring data finally showed that its share of retail sales accounted for 9.3% of the market growth rate of the three types of water heaters, while the gas-fired water heaters retailed only 37.5%, but the growth rate was 10.6. %. From the trend of sustainable and later development, it is clear that the development of gas-fired type is slightly higher than that of electric storage.

We see emerging products also show their prominence. When electricity is used, it occupies a small place and is easy to install. Products with high-paced water heaters also appear more and more in life.

The proportion of electricity storage and gas-fired sales was roughly the same in the past three years. In 2008, the electricity storage capacity accounted for 59.6% of the total, and it remained at 57.1% in 2010, which means that three years of water storage The proportion of retail sales is maintained at the 57% level, and the gas-fired model is maintained at such a level of 37%. Compared with the three major products in the water heater industry, the product structure and the audience of consumers are basically No fundamental changes will occur. From the industry's consumption characteristics include the degree of consumer acceptance, we believe that this situation will be maintained.

What are the characteristics of electric water storage products and their development trends? There are many types of electric water heaters that affect the lives of residents. I do not want to explain them one by one. I just want to cite the simplest and most directly affecting residents. The indicators of life, that is to say, the number of liters of electric storage and the amount of water used, its upgrading can directly affect the gradual increase of domestic water consumption, including his quality of life. Above 60 to 80 liters, its market growth is much higher than the overall increase of electric storage water heaters, 30 to 40 liters. Such a rise in sales is coming down, meaning that Chinese residents are The use of electric water storage water heaters has already had a very obvious feature. The first feature is the upgrade to large volumes, and the large amount of water storage makes residents' lives and hot water use more and more, and will further Improve the standard of living of residents.

Why do you mention that the increase in electric storage water heaters below 30 liters is also so high, it also represents such a way that the small reservoir Bao Xiao is constantly appearing in people's lives, and the small-liter water heater is also very worthy of consumption. Concerned, and sought after by consumers. Only the 30 to 40 liters among the minority can see the very obvious concept that consumers will no longer satisfy the products that will satisfy the general lifestyle of the residents' consumer life, and will pursue large-volume products.

From the data of the two years can be compared, below 30 liters, including between 30 and 40 liters, we can see very clearly the proportion of their retail volume share through different liters for two years, that is to say 40 to The share of 80 litres and more than 40 litres of electric storage-type water heaters has increased by 1.1 percentage points over the past year. This is very worthy of respect because we can understand the needs of residents as different levels. Raising the consumption volume of 10 liters is a very big leap. It also represents a large change in the household structure including the number of people including the quality of life. It can be seen from 40 to 80 liters, which is basically a 1.1 percentage point increase. It also represents the height. The status of the upgrade. In addition, we can also see that in the end, through the hybrid research, the high-end products will inevitably represent an increase in the value of the products, and the increase in value will result in a further increase in prices. In the two years from 2009 to 2010, electricity The proportion of high-end water storage water heaters is increasing, which means that China's electric water storage industry is also being upgraded, and the proportion of these two or three thousand or more of these products has been increasing in terms of consumption, generally higher than 2100. Electric water storage water heaters with more than a piece of money increased by 2% in 2010 from the retail volume in 2009, which is a very high level of growth.

As shown in the figure, the average price of electricity storage for three or four years is relatively stable. From the development trend of the average price of the industry, the average price of the entire electric storage water heater in 2007 was 1,305 yuan, and the entire electricity storage type in 2010 was average. The price has risen to 1,434 dollars, which is another example of the product of the entire electric storage water heater is upgrading to a higher volume to the high end.

The change in the type of gas water heater is actually the same as the change in the electric water storage type water heater we just saw. The increase in the sales volume of products from 9 liters or more is much higher than that of 5 or 6 liters. 7, 8 liters of gas water heaters year-on-year growth, that is to say the choice of consumers of gas-fired water heaters for the rapid demand for water is also consistent with the needs of consumers and electric water storage type, both that the hot water out More and more will improve the quality of life of residents.

As shown in the figure, the proportion of gas water heaters below 8 liters is 3.9 percentage points lower than that of 2009 to 2010, and 9 liters or more of products have risen by 5 percentage points, and 9 liters or more of products have been consumed. The pursuit of the people, from the trend of their prices is also very clear, the average price of gas water heaters in 2010 rose to 1,741 yuan compared with 1,639 yuan in 2009, an increase of 6.3%, from the analysis of the price segment can also be seen Out of the two thousand yuan and above levels, the year-on-year comparison between 2009 and 2010, which was over 2,000 yuan in 2010, was 5.2 percentage points higher than in 2009.

With respect to the competition situation of the main brands of water storage type and the positioning of the brand, Haier has firmly occupied the top position in the market with its share of 31% of the market's retail sales of electric water storage products, and its year-on-year growth rate. It was 6.9%; Smith ranked second with 2.4% of retail sales, the year-on-year growth was much higher than the industry's growth rate; the industry’s third, US retail sales share was 11.5%, and its growth rate was high. More than four times faster than the industry, such a brand is worth our attention.

The trend of brand changes in the past three years, far ahead of Haier, the share of retail sales from 2007 to 2010 and Smith are basically maintaining a relatively stable state, and there is no composition of ups and downs, which still mentioned the beauty of the industry in 2007 The status is probably the fifth and sixth aspect. In 2006, the United States ranked in the third place in the industry's electric water storage, and the concentration of the top four branded water heaters in the last four years was maintained every year. In 71% of this level, no matter what the brand will change in the third year, but the top four brand market share is maintained at 71%, which means that although the industry's competition is certain fierce state, but intense The situation is relatively stable, with the top four being worth about 70% of the market share.

Electric water storage type water heaters are now undergoing cross-border competition. The leading brand of electric storage water heaters represented by Haier is gradually entering the gas water heater market. As shown in the figure, the blue column is Haier's three years. The proportion of the sales structure of gas-fired water heaters and electric storage-type water heaters in 2010 can see some minor changes. In the past three years, Haier gradually increased the proportion of gas water heaters, and Haier’s actions are only minor. The change, Smith is not only firmly occupy the second position of electric storage, it is working hard to enter the field of gas water heaters, including Ariston, Whirlpool is also such a situation.

The main brand competition of gas water heaters will be like, as shown in the figure, twenty thousand, ten thousand and Wanjiale occupy the position of the entire industry leader in the gas water heater market, from the perspective of the status of the leader, the second and third lines behind The brand is trying hard to try to challenge the status of Wanhe and Wanjiale. From the monitoring data of Zhongkang, we can see that the market share of 20,000 of the retail market has remained above 16%. The brand brands of the second and third lines are not Has a fundamental impact on "20,000."

From the strategies of each brand, it can also be seen that Wanhe is the first place in the gas-fired economy with 17.6%, and retail sales have maintained a growth rate of 8.9% year-on-year. The market share of Wanjiale is 16.8%, but the increase is 3.7%.

Gas water heaters, electric storage water heaters, including foreign brands in the gas water heater want to force, from the data we have seen the monitoring, the original gas water heater is based on domestic enterprises as the main leader of the field and market, foreign brands are gas water heaters There is more and more right to speak in the field. In 2007, the share of foreign brands' retail volume was 27.2%. By 2010, their market share increased by 5 percentage points. Foreign brands are gradually eroding the market of our domestic brands.

The trend and trend of the future development of water heaters, from the figure, the data on the left is the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, the blue figures are the number of urban residents including water heaters and refrigerators, color TV sets, refrigerators and other department stores, and the red ones are peasant residents. Ownership. Judging from the major household electrical appliances, it can be seen that urban residents have achieved 27% of the 100 color television dramas in 2009. The phenomenon of one household with multiple machines is very obvious in color TV sets. The concept of refrigerator washing machines is close to each household. Only 83.4% of urban residents have water heaters.

The number of urban residents for water heaters is 83.4% for 100 households and 17.3% for rural residents. This means that many rural households still need to increase the ratio of water heaters. I would say that the water heaters include various types, including electric storage and gas. The proportion of solar energy sales.

As can be seen from the figure, the history of the evolution of rural household appliances in China is from 85 to 95 years ago with color TV as the lead. From 1996 to the second decade of 2005, the rapid popularity of refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines is reflected in In the third decade from 2006 to 2015, we believe that refrigerators and air conditioners will be rapidly popularized. Small household appliances will also begin to spread. With the further promotion of home appliances to the countryside, we know that water heaters Also in the project subsidies for home appliances to the countryside, the industry's future prospects and trends, the water heater industry and residents of the production and housing are closely related, the number of housing directly affects the purchase and use of water heaters, in the analysis of Yikang It can be seen that the housing of commercial housing is expected to drop by 20% in 2010. The further regulation of the state in terms of real estate will directly affect the housing of commercial housing, but we need to see affordable housing. The national statistics in 2010 is 590 Ten million sets, by 2011, the country’s goals with all provinces have achieved at least 10 million sets of affordable housing. In view of this growth trend, Sexual housing has increased by 69%. The horizontal direct comparison process can be seen that the total number of affordable housing and commercial housing in the whole house is about 17 million units in 2011. The original commercial housing and affordable housing are added together. It is 15 million units, that is to say real estate, although we think it may be affected by commercial housing, it has been greatly supplemented and improved from affordable housing. The protection of affordable housing for low-income groups is guaranteed. , But it is also the need for water heaters to meet their most basic living needs and needs, based on this general analysis, in the Yikang forecast, in 2011 the entire Chinese water heater market will reach 28.03 million units, the sales amount of 39.4 billion.

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