Taiwan's IC industry has reached 2 trillion yuan within three years

Taiwan's IC design industry distribution changes drastically, in line with product market trends, relevant IC design industry should do a good job in advance layout operations, master key technologies, especially with the rise of the Chinese market, synchronously into Southeast Asia, India and other emerging markets, so that Taiwan's IC design industry can Counter-trend breaking through the financial tsunami in 2008, the future is expected to respond to the rise of non-Microsoft and non-INTEL products, and once again grasp the market opportunities.

The counter buying center held the second performance announcement of the counter buying market in 2011 yesterday (21st), which was led by Yang Lichang (3527) Chairman of the Board, Zhang Jiming (General Manager of Xin Yan (3264), and Lu Chaoqun, Chairman of Yanchuang (5351)). The team released the first quarter revenue and profit report, and also pointed out to investors their respective future development strategies.

The cabinet purchase center invited Shen Jusan, director of the MIC Industrial Intelligence Research Institute of the Information Industry Council, to analyze the development prospects of Taiwan's IC industry with the theme of "Global and China's IC industry outlook." Chen Shu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, pointed out that currently there are 579 counter companies in the counter buying market, of which nearly 70% are in the electronic technology industry, and less than 50% of the electronic stocks in the centralized trading market, making it a major feature of the counter buying market. , and the United States NASDAQ is very similar to the electronic industry-based features.

Chen Shu stressed that among the electronic consumer groups in the counter, the proportion of the semiconductor industry is the highest, which is the main force of the cabinet-buying family. Taiwan's semiconductor industry clustering effect is obvious. With accumulated technology and international competitiveness, the semiconductor industry occupies a pivotal position in the global semiconductor industry. Role, in 2010, the counter buying company's revenue increased by 28.3% compared with the previous year, of which, the semiconductor stocks of the OTC grew as high as 63.6%, ranking first in the industry's revenue growth.

The 311 earthquake in Japan has caused an impact on the global electronics supply chain. Although Taiwan Semiconductor is showing signs of rejuvenation, Shen Jusan pointed out that the second quarter and the third quarter will cause some impact on relevant manufacturers. However, investors should be fortunate because Natural forces will eliminate out-of-health companies, which will allow companies with good and competitive capabilities to stand out. Taiwan's IC design semiconductor industry should have the opportunity to take advantage of the situation and retired international manufacturers to receive relevant markets.

Shen Jue predicted that Taiwan’s semiconductor industry will have the opportunity to switch from a trillion yuan industry to a 2 trillion yuan industry in the next 2-3 years. Despite the 311 strong earthquake in Japan in the short term, the related industries have been affected and the market has been restructured. However, from 2008 to 2011, Observed changes in the output value of semiconductor sub-industries, Taiwan's IC industry will continue to grow moderately in 2011, but Taiwan's IC design industry in the absence of significant growth momentum and fierce competition in the target market, the global market share in 2011 may have decreased slightly from 20.3% in 2010.

Shen Jusan said that in the past, Taiwanese companies were too focused on INTEL and Mircsoft (Microsoft), but they were not short on non-INTEL and Microsoft products and designs. They lacked weapons, lacked bullets, and lacked talents and strategies. Fortunately, Taiwanese IC design operators are very flexible in their operations. With diligence, we should be able to adjust our response in a short period of time. We should be able to smoothly enter the market in the future, as well as opportunities for development and growth.

In addition, Taiwan’s IC design industry applications, including consumer electronics, communications, computers, and peripherals, and other four categories, achieved significant growth in MediaTek’s mobile phone revenue in 2009, bringing communications applications to first place, and in 2010, computer and peripheral products. Get back first, but it is close to the proportion of communications. In the future, HTC, etc., will enter the mobile phone industry and the communications industry is expected to rise again.

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