Fun NAS Series Part II: NAS Hardware Purchase and Software Configuration

Because the motherboard that was purchased before was new, the store has not yet arrived, causing the machine to fail to install. After installing it, it was too busy and there was no time to write the second article. These days, we will fill in the digging pits. The first draft of the card was approved. Later, it was not changed and dragged until now. Before the pit was filled in)

Reasons to purchase

For the reasons why I purchased the NAS, I want to put my data, including important and unimportant, on my own machine. I have free access to data as long as I have Wi-Fi. The photos taken are saved directly on the NAS at home, and there is no need to fear the limitations of the memory card.For example, if you have your own evenote, the difference is that all the data is on your own machine. Loss, truly centralized management of data, access to multimedia resources on NAS through other devices in the home network, putting a movie to listen to a song)

Appearance Gallery


Parts procurement principles

Because the machine needs 724 hours to open (of course not necessarily, I can also set the timer off at night, and then wake up on the network in the morning), but in short, as a storage server, long-running operation is necessary, so the electricity expenses need to be the primary consideration, Give priority to low-power, highly scalable accessories.

I purchased 2 hard drives here, because I have two old disassembled hard drives. My purchase price is 2831 (not including a plate price of 1639), and Taobao also sells 4-bay home nas price (no (including disk) for the 3650, apparently the price gap and the hardware configuration gap is huge

The 265-watt power supply itself is enough to expand the 4 disks to 6 disks. For detailed evaluation of the chassis, see the first article.

Accessories price and comparison

The following gives the specific item links

On the installation, in fact, there is nothing to say, plug in the plug, cover the chassis power is good, the following talk about my installed software, I use the group of DSM6.0 software, in fact, used these days Feel the reason why Synology nas sells so expensive, expensive is expensive in this software system, is still very good use, its suite of centers not only covers the family of multimedia, private cloud, video surveillance, and development-related suites. What features you choose to install the package just fine, quickconnect function is also very easy to use, even if you do not have a fixed external network address, you can also allow you to easily access your NAS storage from the external network.

About the division of storage space I am like this, because it is used by myself and I do not use raid, 4 disks are mounted via basic mode, so it is divided into 4 independent storage spaces, a large disk is used to put audio and video files, and one is used as important data. Backup, one 1T disk to store photos, one 80G to save important data files, backup only backup important video files, photos (currently the size of the G-level compressed backup or fully meets the needs), and important data files through the daily Synchronize to the backup disk to achieve backup storage so that even if any disk suddenly broke, I can also replace the disk, restore the backup to retrieve data.

Storage partition

Directory division

The following are some of the suites I installed, manage notes by note station, manage audio and video through audio stations, video stations, browse and play DLNA home devices through media servers, manage photos via photo stations, and download stations. Manage resource downloads, synchronize backups with hyper backup to achieve multi-version backups, monitoring suites are not installed Because of the current low demand, basically these kits cover the storage and management of personal and home data.

Installed kit

The mobile terminal suite allows you to manage and upload your data files anywhere. For example, I took a photo and wanted to upload it to the server. Just open the photo kit configuration upload in the photo album interface. Is it convenient? One-line mobile phone space is not enough

Finding photos to upload to open the kit

Upload completed

Finally, regarding security, I have set up login secondary authentication and https access. This ensures that even if the data is intercepted and encrypted, even if the correct password is obtained, a login authentication code is required to log in. In addition, the administrator account is prohibited. Login with guest account to ensure system security

Security Options Settings

Security Options Settings

High-strength password and secondary verification

Finally, put an x1 on the NAS video resources

Play NAS movie

to sum up

The above summary of the NAS is these, basically meet most of my needs, because the use of this system is also in a step-by-step understanding, if there are any other useful methods, I will continue to write

6 Layer Laser Circuits

What is a radio frequency circuit board?

Introduction to RF circuit board: RF is Radio Frequency (such as Microwave radio frequency board), which refers to radio frequency, a signal with a high frequency. The choice of circuit board substrate depends on the performance index of the circuit board. It can be ordinary FR4 epoxy glass fiber, or special microwave substrate such as Teflon.

RF circuit board standards:

1. Low-power RF circuit boards mainly use standard FR4 materials (good insulation properties, uniform materials, dielectric constant ε=4, 10%).

tv motherboard  PCB

2. In the RF circuit board PCB design, the various Electronic Components should be arranged closely to ensure the shortest connection between the various Electronic Components.

FR4 Quick Turn PCB

3. For a high frequency mixing pressure plate PCB, the RF part and the analog part should be far away from the digital part (this distance is usually more than 2cm, at least 1cm), and the ground of the digital part should be separated from the RF part.


4. When choosing components to work in a high-frequency environment, use Surface-Mount (SMT) &BGA Assembly as much as possible. This is because surface mount components are generally small in size and the component leads are very short.

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