Wechat applet and preliminary tutorial

When I got up this morning, the circle of friends was swiped by the applet. How about the WeChat applet?

I. Version requirements

You need to update WeChat to iOS 6.5.3 or Android 6.5.3. Remember to go to the store without updating.

2. Where can I find a small program?

1. Wechat search

Use WeChat's search bar to search for the apps you need.

2. Through the public number association

The applet and the public number of the same subject can be associated and jump to each other. This function needs to be set by developers after their own use.

A public number can be tied to five small programs, but a small program can only be bound by a public number. You can view and enter the bound applet through the public number. Otherwise, you can view and enter the associated public number through the applet.

3.Friend recommendation

Just like seeing good music, videos, and articles to share with friends, the applet can also click the button in the upper right corner to share it with friends or group chats.

However, it should be noted that the applet does not support sharing to the circle of friends (praise! Otherwise, all kinds of derivative new games are played)

As I have also followed suit in making financial “small programs,” everyone is not very satisfied.

4. Scan under the line

Just like the previous pay attention to the public number and offline payment, the applet also supports scanning the QR code to add.

5. History record

After you have used an applet, you can see the applet in the "Discovery - Applets" list in the WeChat client. When you want to use it again, you can enter it via the history in the list.

In the "Discovery - Applets" search can also be entered into applets.

6. Third-party app store download

Some slick-smelling Internet sites have begun to create a small version of the program store, similar to pea pods, application treasure, by adding a QR code to scan their web pages.

Three. How to play a small program?

1. Small program switching

The applet can be fixed at the top of the chat, and the applet and applet, applet and chat interface can be quickly switched.

2. Message notification

You can receive template messages and customer service messages for the applet, similar to the push for subscription numbers and service numbers.

3. Nearby shops (not yet implemented)

Later, you can find a nearby applet in the “shop near you” in the “Discovery - Applet” and combine it with GPS to accurately send the user the right program.

Four. Summary

From the current point of view, the quality of the applet is different, and its functions are relatively simple. It is a bit like a packaged web page. Then, is the publisher trying to drain the entire App? Still want to fix some light users via WeChat?

Of course, with the release of small programs, we will increase everyone's use of WeChat, to a certain extent, also saved small memory mobile phone users ~

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