Function of wireless measurement and control module in fan group control

The fan group control system mainly includes a host computer monitoring unit and a wireless terminal module unit. The host computer monitoring unit includes a wireless transceiver control module, a host computer and a monitoring software management system. USB communication is used between the host computer and the wireless transceiver control module. The wireless transceiver control module mainly completes the conversion processing between wireless communication data and USB communication data. The monitoring software The management system mainly completes the functions of uploading data management, displaying and downloading operation instructions of each node terminal unit.

The wireless node module terminal is composed of a wireless measurement and control module and an FFU fan. The wireless measurement and control module of the scanning tunnel microscope mainly completes the frequency conversion and speed control of the fan and the data collection part of each sensor. The control unit of the control chip realizes the variable frequency speed control of the FFU fan, and collects the data and processing of each sensor, completes the communication with the wireless controller, and realizes the radio frequency wireless networking.

The wireless transceiver control module mainly completes the functions of receiving and sending data conversion and status display between radio frequency wireless communication and USB interface communication.

Wireless data transmission in the 2.4GHz wireless frequency band, and high-speed communication with the host computer through the USB2.0 protocol, and communication with the wireless radio frequency chip nRF2401 through SPI, complete the transmission and reception of wireless terminal data and management, and display the communication status in real time, etc. information.

Industrial lighting power supply generally refers to the use of auxiliary power supply for lamps in factories, mines, warehouses and high-rise shed production areas. In addition to the various lighting lamps used in the normal environment, there are also explosion-proof lamps and corrosion-proof lamps used in special environments. Considering the different demand of power supply in different target markets, five series of products are designed in this field. The output power ranges from 60 to 240W. The LTP, MTP and MTN series adopt constant power design method, compatible with 0-10V and PWM dimming modes, DALI dimming is optional. The output has wide load adaptability. It can customize the output specifications by adjusting the built-in potentiometer or software. The product is designed as a circular integrated structure. It can be perfectly matched with the mechanical structure of industrial lighting fixtures to provide excellent heat dissipation effect and meet the needs of industrial lighting.

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