How to select customers online and obtain orders

1. The first stage: Screening Letters of Inquiry - Classify the letter of inquiry. Do not receive it. We can divide the letter into several categories according to the possibility.

a. There is an address letter to ask - this is a more careful, polite guest, will be marked with the recipient.

b. There is a letter to ask the product - at least he clearly understands that he is interested in what your product.

c. A brief introduction to their company background - that he is interested in your interest and willing to let you know more about him.

In these kinds of letters, the person sending the letter is more attentive. At least he will respond to your reply. Can be included in the reply to the target customer.

a. There is no title or product name, just to tell you that you are interested in your company.

The standard format must be a random messenger. You are only one of the people he collided with.

b. At the beginning you will be asked to send quotation and samples.

Eighty percent of this kind of people did not do business.

c. Any unforgiving requirements, such as invitations, investment news, cooperation information, etc.

Many of these are friends of the third world who have just started to do business. If you are just a staff member, you can't make any decisions for the company. Don't waste this time. This will cause trouble.

In the first stage, about 30% of the potential target customers can be screened out. If other people feel discarded, they can be placed in the final position.

2. The second stage: reply to the inquiry letter - the guest who is screened out, do not immediately send a quotation or list to him according to his request. You can immediately reply a counter-inquiry letter stating that you have received the letter from the other party, but some do not understand it. The place, the understanding of the needs of the product, style, quality, quantity and other needs can be asked, and even asked him the market, and the nature of the company, told the guests, which helps you recommend him to your product. When replying, if you know the guest's first name, you can call the other person's name or MR. This action is to increase the response rate of customers and create more opportunities to interact with guests.

This action is very important. It means that if they have already obtained the information they wanted in the first stage, he will not return to you. If he returns, the success rate of your next offer will be higher.

3. Stage 3: Quotation - Quotation is given to the responding guest, but at least 20% of the guests are expected to know during the quoted period.

Including guests is there? Buy something? Wholesalers, or retailers? If he can tell you that he often buys better quantities. When quoting, please be sure to reply to you regardless of the price, because it helps you understand if there is any room for improvement (here to be euphemistic, not charming). If the other party is looking for factories, you can follow Quotations are accompanied by photos of some of the factories. They have web pages that invite guests to visit your website. It is also necessary to let him know more about your products and scale.

4. Fourth stage: The guest receives a reply from the quotation and asks for a sample. It can measure the company's rules to reply to the guests, mention the sample fee as much as possible, or can provide free samples, but the other party must pay the freight to understand the guests. Good faith.

Usually we can go to the fourth stage according to this procedure. Then the success rate of the guests will be very high. Most of our colleagues will communicate with the guests according to this procedure. After evaluating, probably the success rate is 50%, but due to the guests Too small for us, so most of us just use it to understand the market.

There are some taboos that must be avoided on the Internet to communicate with guests who have not met or have not yet completed a deal. Never communicate with guests in the form of MSN or ICQ, because if you have not met and communicated in this way, it is easy to cause unnecessary illusions or rashness, leading to the loss of guests. Domestic trade started late and coincided with the advent of the E era. Many young people entering the industry are very handy in using the Internet. Therefore, their communication methods have gradually become E-generational, casual, casual, and emotional, but This is totally different in the field of international trade. The business is realistic, cruel, easy to come, and easy to go to the information age, still need to carefully understand the experience, it should not be purely fortuitous, loss is not inevitable. If everyone can't understand the Internet is just a tool, it's not all about business. It is easy to lose yourself in the frustrations of defeat each time. What a pity to beat the young wing.

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