Talking about common problems and solutions for outdoor lighting power supply

Question one, power supply life problem.

Since the electrolytic capacitor itself has the problem of electrolyte evaporation, it is often said that the life of the power supply is determined only by the electrolytic capacitor of the power supply. Is this really the case?

the answer is negative.

Most of the time, the capacitor is not the cause of the failure of the outdoor lighting power supply. For example, the 200W outdoor LED power supply , the overall efficiency is 93%, the temperature rise of the capacitor is 35 degrees, the ambient temperature is 45 degrees or the case temperature is 70 degrees. Under the condition, the electrolytic capacitor with a life of 10,000 hours under 105 degrees can reach 80,000 hours of life under this application condition. This means that the power supply can last for more than 10 years in conventional applications, which is longer than the life of the lamp itself. .

(To achieve the longest service life of the power supply, it is recommended that the temperature rise of the lamp housing is less than 30 degrees.)

In practical applications, the life of the power supply may be more likely to be caused by lightning failure, waterproof failure, etc.

Question 2, lightning failure

In outdoor power applications, especially in the suburbs without other high buildings, street lights often suffer from lightning failure.

How to avoid the failure of inductive lightning strikes, increase the external lightning protection module or improve the lightning resistance of the power supply itself is imperative.
Due to the design margin and component batch, production control, in order to control the power supply lightning protection capability, it is essential to verify the lightning strikes per batch.

Question three, waterproof failure

In practical applications, the most stringent state of the power supply waterproof test is that the power supply suddenly rains under work when it is hot, and the failure rate is the highest.

According to the verification analysis, due to the temperature drop, the power supply itself is inflated and contracted, resulting in a gap in the metal joint, which is easier to enter.

At this time, it is necessary to cover the surface of the component by the glue itself to prevent the water from coming into contact with the components.

Question 4, the light flash problem

We often find that some of the lamps flash on the road. What causes the light to flash?

1: The power supply output constant current voltage range does not cover the Vf change of the lamp

Confirm that the luminaire uses the power supply constant current voltage range

2: The power supply CTR attenuation problem is not considered in the power supply design. After one or two years of operation, the constant current voltage of the power supply changes, and the Vf value of the lamp cannot be covered.

The design takes into account the CTR attenuation problem, ensuring that the CTR decays to 30% after 10 years and the power supply is still working.

3: The input voltage is too low.

Confirm that the input voltage is 220V for the mains during installation to ensure no problem with the input wiring.

4: The input voltage fluctuation lamp flashes.

Design verification at the factory to ensure that the lamp has no flicker when the grid fluctuates 90-310V.

5: Lights flash when dimming

Design time verification, production time test, ensure power supply 10%-100% dimming, lamps without flicker problems.

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