The development of integrated circuits is the key to the second take-off

Integrated circuits are the foundation and driving force for the rapid development of the information technology industry today. They have been highly infiltrated and integrated into every field of national economic and social development. Their technological level and scale of development have become an important indicator for measuring a country's industrial competitiveness and overall national strength. one. After the international financial crisis, developed countries stepped up the strategic adjustment of the economic structure, and the strategic, basic and leading position of the integrated circuit industry was further highlighted. The United States also regarded it as the four major technical fields that fundamentally transformed the manufacturing industry in the next 20 years. The first.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially announced the "National Integrated Circuit Industry Development Promotion Outline", which is also the second issue of the National Development No. 18 document "Encouraging the Development of the Software Industry and the Integrated Circuit Industry" and the 2011 National Development No. 4 Document. The third national-level IC industry policy document after the further encouragement of several policies for the development of the software industry and the integrated circuit industry.

The publication of Circular No. 18 promoted the rapid development of China's IC industry for ten years. During the 10th Five-Year Plan and the 11th Five-Year Plan period, China's IC industry has become the fastest growing industry in the world. In contrast, although the 2011 Guofa 4 has a certain role in promoting the IC industry, the effect is not obvious.

At present, the global integrated circuit industry has entered a period of major adjustment and change, and industrial and technological competition has shifted from competition in the industrial chain to competition in products and then to competition within products. The high selectivity of high technology makes the development path of the previous integrated circuit technology become weaker and weaker. The status of the core technology leading the competition pattern of the integrated circuit industry chain is being broken, and the competition of the industrial chain is gradually being replaced by the competition of the value chain. The development of the network promotes the integration of integrated circuit technology and market, promotes the integration of single product manufacturing into the whole industry chain, extends the value chain of the industry, and forms a new value distribution from the "manufacturing products" of integrated circuits to "creating products". The system brings innovation and development in technology and business.

After more than ten years of development, China's integrated circuit comprehensive strength has been significantly improved, and to a certain extent has the ability and conditions to participate in a new round of technology and industrial revolution. Comprehensive judgment, China will have a window period of 5-10 years in the field of integrated circuit industry. Under the new historical period, the "Promoting Outline" as a program of action to guide the development of China's integrated circuit industry in the coming period is of great significance for accelerating industrial development.

How to make the "Promotion Outline" truly land, and strengthen and solidify the industrial foundation. First, we must attach great importance to the impact and impact of the new round of technology and industrial revolution from national security. In-depth study of the trend and characteristics of the revolution, analysis of the characteristics and trends of China's integrated circuit development, the implementation of the implementation rules as soon as possible, determine the focus and path of my integrated circuit innovation, focus on strength, key breakthroughs.

Secondly, it is necessary to thoroughly implement the innovation-driven development strategy, fully prepare for the response, carry out the top-level design, and make overall plans. Accelerate the national special project of integrated electric power, strengthen the research and development of key core technologies, major equipment and key products, realize the key common technological breakthroughs that have an overall and driving effect on industrial development, and build a modern industrial service system of integrated circuits from a high starting point.

Third, we must advance strategic pilot research. Strengthen the research of integrated circuit pilot technology, achieve significant transformational innovation in key application areas for long-term development, and achieve leading results in strategically important areas such as national security and interests. Strengthen the layout of important basic research and cross-frontier research, achieve original breakthroughs in the scientific principles, strengthen the foundation for development, and enhance the development potential

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