A desk lamp that can be lit without a light bulb. How does a mobile phone do it?

After Edison invented the light bulb, the world became a bright light, and the lights we saw were not much different. Whether it was an incandescent lamp or an LED light , the light bulb must be the most important part of a lamp. You may not have thought about the light in the world with no light bulbs? Wait, can you call a light without a light bulb? ! Yes, there is no light bulb in the lamp called UpLamp, which makes the UpLamp shine, which is the LED flash next to the smartphone camera .

A desk lamp that can be lit without a light bulb. How does a mobile phone do it?

UpLamp has nothing inside, but just put the smartphone on it and open the UpLamp app and turn it into a smart desk lamp. UpLamp's development team said that UpLamp is a unique structure that allows the light from the LED flash of the mobile phone to scatter lightly and evenly inside itself, while the UpLamp has a fluorescent additive on the inner wall, which makes the light scattered on the inner wall finally show a soft light. The UpLamp team said that the UpLamp app allows us to use the gestures to adjust the brightness of the lights, the clap action's ability to turn the lights on and off, and also activate the nap mode when the morning alarm goes off. And if the application detects that the user has not used it for 30 minutes, it will be automatically closed.

A desk lamp that can be lit without a light bulb. How does a mobile phone do it?

In addition to being a desk lamp, UpLamp can also be used as a base for smartphones, and can be used as a speaker. Of course, UpLamp does not have a speaker, it can be used as a speaker, and the internal cavity has an acoustic structure that can increase the sound of the speaker of the mobile phone. Currently UpLamp-compatible models are the iPhone 5/5S, 6/6S and Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7, S7 Edge. Even if your phone is not on the list of adapter models, don't worry, you can note the model when you place an order, and UpLamp says you can make a dedicated adapter for you.

The fact that there is no light bulb has seriously caught my attention. At least I don’t have to worry about changing the light bulb in the future. It seems that I have made an indispensable contribution to environmental protection. But the premise is that if UpLamp's crowdfunding on Kickstarter goes well, then we can get an UpLamp for $43. Of course, this price is more expensive than the average bulb. Not a little bit.

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