Start with acoustic decoration and teach you to create your own perfect private home theater

[Home Theater Network] About the acoustic decoration of the home theater, the home theater network Xiaobian has spent several articles to explain.

First foundation - sound insulation, elastic reduction wall

Make skin again - sound absorption and diffusion

We explained in detail the principle, layout and diffusion method.

But still some friends asked the home theater network Xiaobian to say that they don’t understand

Today, we will explain the process of acoustic decoration with the actual case of PMI! About PMI:

PMI (Performance Media Industries) from the United States is a world-class home theater, professional studio design and engineering design top design company. PMI has completed hundreds of high-end engineering projects around the world, such as designing private theaters for many famous actors, directors and producers, as well as designing and building professional studios, radio stations and high-end AV dealer showrooms. PMI's design encompasses every aspect of the project, including complete design and engineering suites, as well as audio and video correction services.

This case was designed and implemented by Anthony

An outstanding audio engineer and senior designer in the home theater industry, Anthony Grimani has more than 30 years of experience and has received numerous awards from the CEDIA Association's Private Cinema Awards.

Anthony Grimani, a former veteran of Dolby Laboratories and Lucas Film, played a major role in the development of many home theater industry standards.

Here's the beginning!!!! Everyone moved the stool

Today's case, the battle is relatively high

But the main decoration process, the home theater network Xiaobian is said, if you are in this class today, you still can't understand

Then you can only go back to the previous course.

Let's get started now

This is the house!

Anthony feels small at first glance, to dig big

It’s like this, the design is the same.

Then I started to make the elastic reduction wall.

First step on the wall with wooden keel

Then apply the elastic force reduction component

Zoom in to look like this

Then, put the board on the elastic force reducing member

The structure inside, as shown below

Anthony is a very meticulous person, everyone looks at the picture below.

Then he covered it with a layer of acoustic felt

Not to affect neighbors, no need to do sound insulation

The significance of sound insulation is not to let the environmental noise affect you.

You can hear more details

More immersed in the atmosphere

Sound absorption and diffusion processing

Sound absorption and diffusion are placed in the second step after the sound insulation is completed.

Anthony is destroying all the planes in this room, not sucking or expanding

Everyone still remembers that the home theater network Xiaobian teaches everyone to work on the expansion and expansion.

For a better sound field, Anthony has increased the spread of the sky.

And note that it is not a wooden product.

But a diffusion plate that has been scientifically measured

It is important to note that you should never use wood materials that do not have a diffusion basis!

For those who value the outside, there will be a third step.

Hidden material, room aesthetic design

Anthony is creating a luxury cinema, of course.

This is called a sound wall. Simply put, it is to cover the ugly cloth! Because if you want to...

Then the strange materials inside must be blocked

Anthony also used soundproof doors here.



Is it very

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