The sofa butler is the exclusive betta TV, shark's fin, and forum currency sent for delivery

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Sofa Butler Download:

The sofa butler is a third-party application market that runs on a smart TV and can download and install any desired TV APP. At present, there are tens of thousands of smart TV applications for sofa butlers, covering video on demand, video games, online education and many other areas, and has the speed of downloading, memory cleaning and other human features. Want to watch live TV, you can download HDP live; want to watch movies, you can download Tencent video TV version, mango TV, iQIYI TV version and other TV applications; want to watch live games and barrage on TV, recommended download betta Live TV version.

〓 Activity time 〓

May 31 - June 7 23:59

〓 Event Prizes 〓

1. There will be 100 award-winning users among the fans who have photographed the sofa butlers at home:

100 users - 30 shark fins per person (a total of 3000 shark fins)
2. Among the fans who photographed photos of Betta TV at home, 33 winners were created:

30 users - 100 forum currencies per person (total 3000 forum currency)
The sofa forum currency is a virtual currency that is circulated on the sofa network. You can redeem the desired physical prize in the integral mall of the sofa forum or participate in the lottery.
Points Mall Link:

3 users - 1 per person sofa butler POLO shirt
Winning Floor Percentage Compressed Package (After the end of the event, the decompression password is announced) iOTM0NTJhfDE0NjQ2OTc3MDV8MzM5OTQzfDEzMDc1MDM%3D" target="_blank">Sofa Manager's Exclusive Joint Betta Fish TV Fishball Forum Money (7.35 KB, downloads: 1)
参与 How to participate

1. According to your own needs, take a photo of the sofa butler or betta TV on the TV (you must expose a complete and clear TV frame)
2. Bring the photos + no less than 10 words to Betta TV and sofa butler's blessings, reply to this floor

〓 Note 〓

1. You can choose one of the sofa butler photos and betta photos, or you can participate in both activities. 2. Each person wins a maximum of one award, subject to the first prize (for example, if your 100th floor wins 30 shark fins, and the 200th wins 100 forum coins, then the 100th floor will prevail)
3. Each person can reply up to 20 posts, each time to reply up to 5 floors;
4. Each person can receive a maximum of one award. If multiple awards are obtained, the highest one will prevail; others will be delayed;
5. After the activity is over, the winners will be announced within three working days and publicized for three days. The winner will be awarded after no objection.
6. The winners need to join the sofa network activity group: the group number is 426470841.
7. Please get the winner within 3 days to submit personal information through the forum to the sofa forum moderator: Mi Xue sister. Must be submitted in the following manner for statistical convenience.
(Winning of personal information is submitted as of June 15th, 2016 at 18:00 pm).

Name of Event: Sofa butler, exclusive joint betta TV, fish ball, and forum currency to send prizes:

8. If you cannot submit personal information through the forum site, please contact the landlord in " - Event Group (QQ Group Number)" to provide login forum screenshots and personal information.
9. The right of final interpretation of this activity is owned by the sofa housekeeper and the betta.

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