Design of hospital call intercom system based on MSP430 and DTMF technology

With the rapid development of science and technology, especially the continuous updating of electronic information technology, the medical and health undertakings have gradually deepened reforms, and the realization of modern medical care has become the trend of future development of hospitals. Hospital call intercom system is an important equipment to improve the level of hospital care. First, its basic function is to make the communication between the nursing target and the medical staff through a simple way. The 16-bit MSP430 MCU has a high degree of integration and abundant on-chip resources. The main outstanding feature is low power consumption, which can achieve long-term stable operation. After being applied to the system, the performance is well optimized and the medical staff can be improved. The efficiency of work and the reduction of their labor intensity, the patient can also get timely care and medical treatment, can significantly improve the hospital's service level and medical quality.

1 Introduction to DTMF call intercom system

1.1 Introduction to DTMF Technology

DTMF (Dual Tone MulTI Frequency), which is a dual tone multi-frequency, is composed of a high frequency signal and a low frequency signal superimposed to represent a number or a character. A dual tone multi-frequency signal is a combination of two specific single tones to represent a number or function. There are four kinds of high and low frequency signals, which respectively form a high frequency group and a low frequency group. The combination of 8 and 1 is used to form the DTMF signal, so that there are 16 configurations, which can respectively represent 0-9, A-D, * on the dial pad. , #, etc. 16 characters, according to the signal frequency and characters corresponding to the table (as shown in Table 1). Because of its good anti-noise characteristics, it is widely used in dial-up transmission of communication systems.

1.2 How the call intercom system works

The host and extension of the system are controlled by the single-chip microcomputer. Since there is only one host in the whole call system, it is the core module of the system. It can be connected to the extension through the external bus to realize the function of call intercom. The host can receive the call of the extension at any time, and the digital display and the patient information list display table can display the corresponding information synchronously and accurately. There are first, second and third level of care levels. When there are multiple call signals, Cycle through the order of care and the order of the call.

2 overall design of the system

The system can be divided into three parts in space, namely the medical staff duty room, ward and corridor (as shown in Figure 1). The host computer, telephone and patient information list display table are installed in the medical staff duty room, the extension is installed in each bed of each ward, and the digital display screen is installed in the corridor. When the host is in standby, the digital display on the corridor displays information such as date and time. When a patient calls the host using the extension, the host in the duty room of the medical staff will ring the signal and the patient information list and the digital on the corridor. The display will show the information of the corresponding patient. After the call is connected, the medical staff will know the patient's condition in order to prepare the corresponding medical measures.

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