2835, 3014 and 3528 lamp bead LED tube application comparison advantages

One: the difference between cooling methods
1. Since the 3528 lamp bead is conducted to the negative electrode through the wire, the heat dissipation mode of the 3528 lamp bead can also be called “negative heat dissipation”;
2. 2835,3014 lamp beads and is passed over by the punch holder and the lamp loaded beads thermally conductive sheet, the heat conduction directly to the aluminum substrate, for
Different from the 3528 heat dissipation method, its heat dissipation method is also called “thermoelectric separation”, which means that heat and current do not pass through the same wire.
To conduct. The picture below shows the physical pictures of 3014 and 2835:
1. LED lamp bead 3528 can now achieve 7-8lm, single lamp bead power is 0.0625w, the market price does not include tax between 0.1~0.12 yuan
2. LED3014. At present, 0.1W can do 11-13LM. The market price does not include tax between 0.10~0.13 yuan. 3: 2835. 0.2W. Currently available 22-24LM. The market price is between 0.15-0.18 yuan. 4. Such as engaging in 18W lamps to calculate. 3528. 0.6W: 18W/0.625 = 288 PCS. 3014. 0.1: 18W / 0.1 = 180PCS. 2835. 0.2W. 18W/0.2=90PCS. Three: Light source cost: 3528 calculated by 85/K: 288*0.085=24.48 yuan. The 3014 light 180 source cost is calculated as 95/K. 180*95=17.1 yuan. 2835 light source cost: 2835 according to 160/K; 90*160 = 14.4 yuan. 2835 has 90 LEDs missing. Sticking lamp cost? 90*0.01=0.9 yuan. To sum up the above: use 2835 as the fluorescent tube compared with 3014 province 3.6 yuan / ratio: 3528 province: 24.8-14.4 + 1.6 = 12 yuan / K. ?

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