Shell Wright released Q1 performance forecast, estimated net profit increased by 3-4%

Shell Wright released the 2013 Q1 performance forecast, which is expected to be attributable to the net profit of the listed company's shareholders: 6,085,900 yuan - 6,554,100 yuan, which will increase by 30%-40% over the same period of the previous year's 4,865,500 yuan.

Snow Wright said. The reasons for the change in performance are mainly as follows: 1. The company keeps up with the development trend of the lighting industry and the market consumption demand, adjusts the product structure, focuses on the R&D and design of new LED lighting products, and introduces new LED lighting products with relatively strong cost performance in the industry. It was popular and the brand channel developed rapidly. Therefore, the sales revenue of such products increased rapidly during the reporting period.

2. The company actively responded to the urgent needs of environmental purification products on the market, accelerated the upgrading of air purification and water treatment products, expanded production scale, and quickly introduced to the market. Therefore, the sales revenue of such products increased rapidly during the reporting period.

3. In the field of automotive lighting products, the company improved its product functions and focused on exploring domestic and international brand channels. As a result, the sales revenue of such products increased during the reporting period.

4. During the reporting period, the company fully adjusted the product structure (significant improvement in the production capacity of new LED lighting products), improved operational efficiency, controlled operating costs, strengthened brand channels, and expanded sales. As a result, product gross profit increased during the reporting period.

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