Yan Yan out of the game Wang Donglei was elected the new chairman of NVC Lighting

On April 5, NVC Lighting issued a board announcement. NVC announced that he has been a member of the company's chairman, non-executive directors and remuneration committee because he has to focus on other business matters. He also confirmed that there is no disagreement with the board of directors. Wang Donglei, who was a non-executive director of NVC, was elected. For the new chairman, the above changes took effect on April 3.

Wang Donglei is the chairman of Dehao Runda. On the evening of December 19 last year, Dehao Runda acquired 633 million shares of NVC Lighting through its wholly-owned subsidiary Dehao Runda International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., accounting for 20.05% of its total issued ordinary shares, becoming NVC Lighting. The largest shareholder.

Wu Changjiang, who said that he will return to the board of directors, has not yet "landed" for the time being. Yan Yan is a partner of SAF Asia, a major shareholder of NVC.

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