Moon Run End, Dream Jingzhou----Jingzhou Ancient City Wall Night Scene Unlimited Charm

Figure 1, Jingzhou ancient city wall - LED lamps lighting night real map

I. Overview

"When you listen to the Three Kingdoms, every time you want to go to Jingzhou", Jingzhou is also known as Jiangling City, the birthplace of Chu culture, the famous city of the Three Kingdoms, the place where the military is competing, Liu Bei, Jingzhou, Guan Yu, Jingzhou, etc., all happen here.

Using modern design techniques, the designer uses Lelei Photoelectric's specially-customized LED lamps to wear modern new clothes to the ancient Jingzhou City through colorful LED lighting, so that Jingzhou City, far from war, will once again become the land of Jingchu. Dazzling star.

2. Design points

l Design style: atmosphere, dream, far-reaching, simple.

l Design method: The effect is to use LED lamps to highlight the characteristics and beauty of the building.

l Engineering-based design principles: economical, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe, reliable, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

The selection principle of the design of the luminaire: the special design of the shape is consistent with the style of the scene, the life of the light source is long, the waterproof, the material is anti-corrosion, anti-aging, energy saving and environmental protection. The lamps are installed in the building, which is easy to hide and install, and does not damage the overall appearance and shows that the light is not visible.

Figure 2, Jingzhou ancient city wall - LED lamps lighting night real map

3. Lighting application effect

  u Main City Building - The use of round LED floodlights is hidden between the tiles, reflecting the effect of seeing no light, and outlines the classical beauty of the building.

u Fence - The custom-made floodlights outline the majestic contours of the ancient walls.

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