a pair of headphones, a smartphone, measuring the pulse

A smartphone, a pair of headphones and accompanying software can measure the pulse. Using the closure effect of the earbuds, the technique measures the air pressure in the ear canal of the user. With the delivery of blood flow to the auricular arteries, the eardrum will experience a slight shock with a frequency of approximately 1 Hz. Based on the amplified sound of the headphone speaker, the software recognizes and resolves this vibration to get your pulse rate.

At one time, the problem with this pulse measurement method was that even the most expensive headphones could not form a completely enclosed space in the ear canal, and there would always be some noise that would interfere with the measurement. The project team said that relying on a "special signal processing technology", the software can clearly identify the vibration signal of the eardrum even if there is no intact enclosed space. The team believes that as long as the software is added to the smartphone, the pulse measurement can be achieved with only ordinary headphones.

Composite Insulator is an electrical device consisting of insulation section made of polymer materials and metal fittings, Silicone rubber is the most widely used polymeric insulation material for high voltage products. Composite polymer insulator can play an important role in overhead transmission lines.  Electric composite  insulator can be divided into: Suspension Composite Insulator,Composite Long Rod Insulator, Pin Type Composite Insulator and Line Post Composite Insulator.

As the replacement of porcelain insulators, silicone rubber composite insulators have many advantages:

1.Low costs (or no necessity at all) for Insulators cleaning
2.No need of zero value check, suitable for difficult maintenance area
3.Light weight, easy and economical to transportation and installation
4.Not brittle, and reduce the purchasing quantities for spare parts
composite insulatorsconpsite insulator

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Composite Insulator

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