The State Council promotes the industrialization of LED lighting and cultivates 10-15 leading enterprises

On August 11, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry". This is the second time that the State Council has launched a policy of accelerating the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industries for less than a month.

The "Opinions" clearly pointed out the promotion of semiconductor lighting industrialization. Integrate existing resources, increase industrial concentration, and cultivate 10-15 leading enterprises with core technologies, intellectual property rights and well-known brands, build a number of industrial clusters with perfect industrial chain, and achieve localization of key production equipment and important raw materials. . Accelerate the research and development of core materials, equipment and key technologies, and focus on solving major technical problems such as heat dissipation, modularization, and standardization.

The "Opinions" clarify the development goals for the next three years, including an average annual growth rate of energy conservation and environmental protection industry output of more than 15%. By 2015, the total output value of the energy conservation and environmental protection industry will reach 4.5 trillion yuan, becoming a new pillar industry of the national economy. By promoting energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, it effectively stimulates consumer demand; by enhancing engineering and technical capabilities, it will drive investment in energy-saving and environmental protection.

The "Opinions" clearly will focus on the key areas of market application, energy saving and emission reduction potential, and demand pull effect, accelerate the research and development, promotion and industrialization of related technical equipment, and promote the overall development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry.

According to the "Opinions", energy conservation and efficiency enhancements in key areas will be promoted, including efficient boilers and motors for energy conservation, new energy vehicles and semiconductor lighting. In fact, these areas are increasingly being used as new incentives for environmental investment due to the accelerated release of their respective downstream industry market demand.

The analysis pointed out that the release of the "Opinions" has already seen the urgency of building the energy-saving and environmental protection industry into a pillar of the national economy. Under this policy signal, more industrial development policies will be introduced in the next stage. All segments of the industry will enjoy the benefits. By the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the industrial blueprint for energy conservation and environmental protection of 4.5 trillion yuan is expected to be realized.

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