South China University of Technology developed China's first color flexible AMOLED screen

Recently, China's first color flexible AMOLED display was successfully developed under the joint efforts of the State Key Laboratory of Luminescent Materials and Devices of South China University of Technology and Guangzhou Xinshijie Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. This is the first time in China that we have successfully developed a color flexible AMOLED display.

The display adopts Ln-IZO metal oxide TFT technology independently developed by Huagong. The display size is 4.8 inches, the thickness is 100 microns, and the weight is less than 1g, which realizes color video and image display.

The display has the advantages of ultra-thin, flexible and foldable, and resistant to mechanical shock, and has a very broad market application prospect. The display can be made into curtains, which can be rolled up during the day without affecting daylighting, and can be used as a TV screen at night. It can also be made into a wearable display device, which can be mounted on cuffs, collars, shoes, ties, etc. The display is worn on the body. In addition, due to its lightweight, portable nature, it can also be used in a variety of devices that can hide (shrink) the screen. In the future, any item around us can become a display.

It is reported that flexible AMOLED display technology has received extensive attention internationally, and major international companies such as Samsung, LG, Sharp, and AUO are actively developing the technology.

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