LED Bulb Replaces Incandescent Tiles

Recently, the results of the fifth round of LED bulb detection conducted by the China CLEAR testing program have been released. The LED bulbs tested in this round have a total of 40 models, from 32 different well-known brand manufacturers (including some e-commerce sales leading brand products). The nominal power of the samples tested was less than 7W, of which 3W was mostly.

After the test results came out, the reporter found a lot of comparisons with the corresponding data. For example, in terms of light efficiency, as a mainstream LED bulb that replaces the traditional 15W incandescent lamp, the average light efficiency needs to reach 80LM/W or more to meet the basic lighting demand, and the average light efficiency of the 40 samples tested this time is only 68.32LM. /W.

Conventionally, home LED lighting currently on the market is usually based on the amount of luminous flux to choose how many W incandescent lamps to replace . However, among the 21 sampling products marked with the relevant replacement marks on the outer packaging box, there have been many products that “see the factory mood substitution”.

Guoyizhiguang's 3W bulb test has a luminous flux of 136.12LM, but it can replace the 60W incandescent lamp (equivalent to 540LM) on the outer packaging ; the rectangular lighting 3W bulb test has a luminous flux of 203.02 LM, Lake 3W bulb The lamp test luminous flux is 131.96, while the two companies have marked the replacement of the 40W incandescent lamp (equivalent to 340LM) on the outer box .

   Conversion of 220V incandescent bulb wattage and lumens

Watts Lumen number Watts Lumen number
10W 65lm 15W 101lm
25W 198lm 40W 340lm
60W 540lm 100W 1050lm

The same 3W LED bulbs, different manufacturers have different replacement specifications, is it different from each other or is the company's random logo or virtual light efficiency index? Kang Xiangjun, director of the domestic marketing department of Shenzhen Zhongming Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd., told reporters that due to the chaotic domestic market, many small brands will not strictly follow the normal standards to mark the replacement of incandescent wattage.

"Even if there is a mark, in fact, the small factory will strike the ball and deliberately falsify the mark." Kang Xiangjun said that under normal circumstances, the big brand will be stricter to mark the replacement wattage, and its parameters are more accurate.

Taking Zhongming Semiconductor as an example, Kang Xiangjun said that the company's export products have always been marked in accordance with the requirements of European ERP certification to replace the wattage. “The ERP certification has a clear replacement standard to determine the number of traditional incandescent watts that can be replaced by achieving the corresponding light effect . For example, a 3W LED bulb is normally replaced with a 15W incandescent lamp .”

To replace the 40W incandescent lamp , Kang Xiangjun said that according to the requirements of European ERP certification, Zhongming's bulb light flux can reach 470 LM. “But the average small brand manufacturer may have more than 300 LMs already marked with a replaceable wattage of 40W.”

"It is still because there is no unified standard and norms in China to check and balance the phenomenon of false standard and chaotic standard." Kang Xiangjun said that this is also the result of the current domestic market environment and disorderly competition.

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