Buy smart TV, surface or plane?

Curved TV is a type of enjoyable TV. Its greatest advantage is its comfortable eye protection. Watching movies is as shocking as a panoramic cinema. However, with the increasing production of curved television brands, foreign countries, Sony, Samsung, LG's curved surface television; domestic, Changhong, Konka, Hisense, Skyworth and TCL TV brands have launched curved TV, listed on the sale of products Also, how do we choose to face so many curved TVs? What should you watch out for when buying?

First of all, the author believes that curved television is good, but do not blindly purchase. Curved screens will only take advantage if they have a larger area. If you choose a curved TV, you'd better buy a 55-inch or more curved surface TV, otherwise it will not work. But at the same time also need to consider television viewing distance, too close to the distance, the purchase of large-size curved TV not only can not achieve very good results, but also during the viewing process will lead to eye fatigue, myopia and other issues.

Second, with the birth of flat-panel TVs, many users have chosen to wall-mount their TVs on the TV wall. If you plan to wall-mount your TV on a TV wall, you should not choose a curved TV. Curved TVs are not suitable for hanging on a wall because the curved and protruding edges have certain hidden dangers and are not beautiful, reminding consumers not to blindly “distort”. "buy. If you are placing your TV on your desktop, curved TV is a good choice.

Again, currently, products known as curved televisions on the market include LED curved televisions and OLED curved televisions. Although the same surface design, the visual experience with LEDs and OLEDs is not the same. Now LED TVs are border-lit LCDs (liquid crystal displays) that transmit light from a separate wire to the center of the screen through a large number of LEDs distributed around the screen. It thins the screen, but it also brings annoying viewing angle problems.

In contrast, the screen of an OLED (organic light emitting display) is composed of an organic material capable of emitting light when current passes through. Due to the elimination of the backlight, the performance of the OLED screen is superior to other competing products. It can provide higher density of pixels and sharper images, which means that OLED screens can display 3D images completely without sacrificing the resolution of the images like other traditional screen TVs. When viewing natural scenery videos on OLED TVs, you can watch the windows instead of watching a glowing dice. If you want to get a better picture quality, curved OLED TV is the best choice.

Finally, the curved TV as a high-end product with a brand new look does look very cool. If you are a fanatical social person who likes to show off, you often need to hold parties at home. Curved TVs will definitely make you very popular with everyone. face.

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