Lynx box out of new products, Lynx box M13 how?

Lynx Box M13 highlights one: dual channel memory + super decoding capabilities

In terms of configuration, Lynx Box M13 uses a 64-bit new A53 chip, and equipped with Cortex A7 quad-core, faster response faster processor, spike dual-core and market cottage quad-core processor. At the same time, Lynx Box M13 equipped with a Mail-450 GPU, whether frequency, pixel fill rate, triangle speed, memory channels, pipelines, etc. are miraculous existence, spike the market ordinary GPU.

Surprisingly, the Lynx Box M13 is equipped with dual-channel memory protection, 1G of running memory, and can ensure fast and smooth playback of super-clear video or large-scale 3D games. At the same time with up to 8GB of eMMC high-speed flash memory, a small number of applications can easily accommodate.

Lynx Box Vibrating Edition M12 Highlights II: YunOS New Operating System

On the system side, Lynx Box M13 is equipped with the new YunOS operating system. YunOS is a smart device operating system product under the Alibaba Group. It integrates Alibaba's technological achievements in various fields such as cloud data storage, cloud computing services, and smart device operating systems. It can also be used in smart phones and smart set-top boxes (DVBs). /IPTV/OTT), Internet TV and many other intelligent terminal devices.

The new YunOS operating system is to build a standardized, open platform, with a unified standard entry and a unified traffic configuration mechanism, shared payment system and push system. Today's developers have excellent applications, or excellent content, video, music, and game content can all be tapped into an in-depth industry, sellers, music, and more. At the same time, YunOS implements a unified pass account system. The user's account can be upgraded to a unified Alibaba passport, including Taobao, Alipay, Alibaba Cloud accounts, etc., and can connect multiple terminals across multiple applications.

Lynx Box M13 Highlights 3: Rich in content resources

In terms of film and television resources, Lynx Box M13 and China Digital Media have licensed six 2000 Hollywood film companies to produce 2,000 high-quality movies, 160,000 hours of TV dramas, 1,200 files of variety shows, 2,800 hours of exclusive documentaries, and super-fast updates. Don't stop.

Lynx Box M13 highlight four: stylish and vibrant

Appearance, the Lynx Box M13 continues the cat's box M11, M10 Meng Cat styling, preserved the appearance characteristics of the box family, making this cat as its name box, full of vitality.

Lynx Box M13 highlight five: feature-rich + high quality accessories

The Lynx Box M13 supports the AirPlay protocol, which allows users to easily wirelessly project pictures, videos, and videos on their mobile phones, videos, and videos to share with their families.

Product hardware, Lynx Box M13 uses a positive matte material, gold delicate scrub treatment on the back with iPhone5c the same paragraph materials, fine texture, smooth natural, stable and thick.

Set-top box turned into a wireless router, Lynx Box M13 has a wireless hotspot function, just plug in the Internet cable, open the hot box features, your mobile phone and other mobile devices can connect to the exclusive hot box, enjoy wireless fun.

On the interface, like the previous generations of the box, the Lynx Box M13 box has a rich interface, USB interface, HDMI interface, AV interface and other everything.

Lynx Box M13 Highlights Six: Mobile Phone Remote Control

Users of the Lynx Box M13 only need to download and install a new version of the Ali TV Assistant APP, which can realize voice-activated search, search for TV dramas, search for music volume adjustment, search applications, and manage the application of the magic box installation. Can simulate the remote control interface, video game peripherals (such as: racing steering wheel, handle), can also project the content of the mobile phone on the TV, at any time can share your world with your family.

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