The following points must be noted when playing TV boxes!

Many people use a TV box to use a card machine. What should I do if I have a card machine? In addition to repeatedly switch machine, is to restore the factory settings, will also play a point brush machine, in fact, before using the TV box should pay attention to the following points:

Frequently clean up the garbage cache In many cases, the TV box card machine is caused by the memory shortage caused by its own garbage cache, then this time we need to clean up the garbage cache:

To clean up the junk cache, you can download a software cleanup that specifically cleans up the TV box (using one-click cleanup here). This is an accelerator designed for smart TVs and is suitable for various Android smart TVs. Only need to click, instant release memory, convenient and quick.

If it is still not enough memory, then uninstall a few commonly used software, uninstall software can be uninstalled to the application market:

Remember the correct shutdown sequence
Many people do not use the TV box, they directly pull the power off, in fact, this is a very wounded box, the correct approach is: first press the power button on the remote control to shut down, determine the box off (indicator discoloration or extinction), and then Pull the power supply.

Remember to turn off the power when not in use
TV boxes and televisions and computers are all electrical appliances. Some people use the remote control to turn off the TV box and turn it off. That way, the box is only in a dormant state, and it will continue to work. This is not only a waste of electricity. It is also easy to damage the TV box. The correct way is to turn off the power after the remote control turns off the TV box.

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