Millet TV 3, mini box enhanced version of millet or will be officially released on October 19

Today, Xiaomi announced that it will hold a "Next Generation New Product" conference on October 19th. Xiao Bian boldly speculated that this conference may launch the enhanced version of Xiaomi TV 3 and Xiaomi Box.

On September 25th, the author discovered a new TV certification at the 3C Electronic Declaration and Certification Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the certification company was Rebs' millet. From this, the author speculates that the Twins 11 will arrive and Xiaomi will release a millet TV model 3, model L55M4-AA, in order to make the festival a success. The current price is not yet clear.

It is reported that in September, Xiaomi applied for the new product declared by the 3C Electronic Declaration and Certification Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In addition to TV, there are two products, namely the Xiaomi box and the Xiaomi subwoofer speaker.

In addition, one month ago, some users broke the news that the second-generation millet tablet will be released in the third quarter and will support the Windows 10 system. According to the information from the National 3C Certification Center, the second-generation millet tablet model is “2015716”, which was created by Fu Zhikang.

According to the poster, the author discovered that the conference will be held on October 19th, that is, next Monday. Besides these new products, will Xiaomi have "One More Thing"? We may wish to look forward to it.

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